Frank Field: Migrants take nine out of 10 jobs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jonwilly, Jun 19, 2011.

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  1. Frank Field: Migrants take nine out of 10 jobs - Telegraph

    Full story above.

    "Frank Field, the former Labour minister brought in to advise the Coalition last year, says that the public wants tougher sanctions forcing the long-term unemployed back to work. In an article for The Daily Telegraph, he dismisses proposals to simplify the benefits system as “Gordon Brown’s approach, on speed”.

    He calls for “good, reliable” people who have worked and paid National Insurance to be prioritised for help above others, particularly those who have not contributed to society.

    In the first year of the Coalition, 87 per cent of the 400,000 newly created jobs have gone to immigrants — as Britons fail to chase work, according to new official figures uncovered by the Labour MP. Under previous Labour administrations the figure was about 80 per cent.

    Mr Field, who was recruited by Tony Blair to “think the unthinkable” but was unable to introduce radical Labour policies, predicts that the Coalition’s approach will ultimately fail. "

    Always liked Frank Field.
  2. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    They take those jobs because our own feckless ingrates refuse to. Gimme an immigrant prepared to work over a Brit that will whine, moan and skive, anyday of the week.

    BTW, how and what the **** does the headline have to do with the content of the article?????
  3. "In the first year of the Coalition, 87 per cent of the 400,000 newly created jobs have gone to immigrants — as Britons fail to chase work"

    Er 87% is almost nine in ten.

    87 being almost 90 so only 10 in 100 jobs went to Brits, or 1 in 10.
    Go on admit it ya where having me on.
  4. Because its still easier and just as lucrative to sit on your arse at home and take benefits.
    Immigration and unemployment are problems that have to be tackled together.

    I work in a place that has a half British, half east european workforce and and the hardest workers of the lot are the chavs from the local council estate. Once they are motivated to get out of the house and find a job they are fine, its forcing to make the jump from benefits to work thats the hard bit. Once they get their 1st payday and make the discovery about the connection between how hard you work and how much money you get they discover motivation.
    Immigrant workers aren't wonderful, they don't work harder (but are good at looking busy) but they have two major negatives. They export cash out of the UK in a big way and they are still a burden on the benefits system (tax credits).

    The root of this problem is a benefits system that is to soft. Perhaps we should change emphasis, our own feckless ingrates are allowed to refuse to take jobs.

    We cannot continue to allow a couple of million people to sit at home doing nothing whilst importing people to fill the vacancies. It just doesn't make any sense at all.
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  5. Immigrants not being tied to homes or families are freer to move to the jobs. Additionally the weekly 'reward' for a low paid job here is often a considerable boon when 'sent home' to Brazil, Latvia, Bangladesh or wherever.

    Other reasons have been spelt out above.
  6. It's ineteresting that a call centre is advertising every week in the local paper but can't recruit enough people, the reason why? Well it's for a new technical hotline and applicants must have a full English vocabulary good enough to advise on technical matters which rules out most migrant workers. Unfortunately there just aren't enough locals who want to get off their are arses and earn to fill all the vacancies.
  7. Mr Field is the only Rose in a Party of pricks but as usual for a straight talking guy, he will be totally ignored for not pursuing the PC line in immigration.

    Best of luck Sir.
  8. I've no problem with immigrants who are prepared to graft and pay taxes, we need them to close the demographic gap and pay our pensions. Even more so here in Germany where the population is falling (most German men are seemingly incapable of getting their women up the duff, I do try to help).

    Perhaps we should spend less time chasing immigrants and more time deporting layabouts.....
  9. Many firms much prefer Immigrants because they can pay them substantially less. I remember brickies in the construction heyday being on £160 per day. Polish brickies were coming over here (unlawfully at the time) and working for £30 per day. Once it became legal for them to be here, their rates still only went up by a few quid. Even now, you can get foreign labour much more cheaper than the home grown variety. Go onto any building site and check out the origins of the labour force and spot the Brit. Moan about the chavs all you like but until firms are pursuaded to take on more home grown labour, the chavs are laughing all the way to the benefits office.
  10. Firms don't prefer immigrants because they can pay them less. They simply prefer (and are often obliged by their investors) to pay as little as possible for the labour they require. Taking that into account, it's not a case of persuading employers to favour British labourers, but of throttling the supply of immigrant workers according to genuine demand.

    If we want firms to take on British labour, and British labour is unable to compete with immigrant labour, we need to ensure that British labour is all that's available.

    One alternative is to let in zillions of immigrants to do the labouring jobs whilst paying our own labourers to sit on the couch in their underpants eating crisp sandwiches and masturbating over Jeremy Kyle, but that's not really working out at the moment. Another alternative might be to give everybody in the UK a really good education so that they can get jobs managing the immigrants, but that doesn't take into account the fact that our school system is shit and most of our kids are borderline retarded, and isn't really working either.
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  11. I seriously dont know what world your in, but are you trying to say Non-white migrants are some what lazy and counter productive and Eastern Europeans are better?

    are Sikh migrants better than Hindu ones?

  12. What he may be trying to say, is that certain members of our 'ethnic minorities' are a little too willing to play the race card, and can be a pain in the ass to employ. Poles on the other hand generally don't, they just get on with the work.

    It's quite a familiar quote on building sites I go on when the contract gets a bit behind is "need to get some Poles in to move it along a bit".

    If you want the horrible truth, yes I would employ a Pole over an Asian, racist innit.
  13. Id just **** many of the immigrants off and then give the lazy chavs an ultimatum. Either work or get fuckall benefits, including the house provided for you.
  14. Did you actually read his qoute, or skim it and make your own mind up ?

    Where on earth does he say anything about non white immigrants ? Or is it your own prejudices see the word immigrant and think non white ?
  15. Thats good init, maybe you could do a Economics course at your local university and understand why certain migrants are used for particular jobs.

    As for poles, they are wiser than Asians, they are already leaving back to Poland, when they realised the brotherly love of their employers in the UK.

    Tide turns as Poles end great migration - Times Online

    I use to know alot of poles in Manchester and 9/10 of them always wanted cash, because they didnt want to pay tax! what does that say?