Frank Carson Dies a Pauper

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HE117, Sep 5, 2013.

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  1. I notice with interest that the Telegraph reported yesterday that Frank Carson's estate was published showing that he left £8000 and that the value of his estate was "negligable"..

    Frank, if you recall, was..

    1. Belfast Born
    2. Ex Para Reg

    For anyone who knew Frank, he never stopped and was about as dumb as a fox..

    So.. to anyone who thought his finances were in a mess - aye right! I prefer to to consider it as a bravura example of inspired tax accounting..

    "It's the way I tell em!"

    RIP Hugh Francis Carson KSG - well done mate, you always did manage to get the last laugh!
  2. Every time he came through Gatwick he always popped his head round the door of the Customs MIB Office in the red channel and told us a a stream of one liners.

    Lovely bloke. He will be missed by many. RIP Frank.
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  3. Well, it's not as if he could take it with him...

    Unless he was of a ancient Egyptian or Norse religons that is.
  4. I didn't know he had died.
  5. I thought he was about as funny as a visit to the dentist. But I never minded him in the way I minded Jim Davidson, that bloke whose entire act consisted of wearing wellies on the wrong feet, and the scouse git who thought it was comedic to repeat incessantly that he hated Germans. And Tarbuck, obviously.
  6. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    He hasn't - he always had 'em laughing. But he has passed away.

    Edited to add: Apart from Mr Freeman, it seems.
  7. Any news on Tarbuck? Every one else is in court re odd practices. but he seems to have slipped away.
  8. He was much funnier in person than on telly, He was the main act at a disbandment do I was spammed to be top table drinks waiter for and then he turned up at a do in the Para Museum (mid 90's?) while I was stagging on.
    I also wasn't aware that he'd died.
  9. That was to devert the fact he was smuggling in heroin - "Ho ho, it's the way he tells 'em" "Has anyone thought to check his bags?" "Nah ... he'll be reet".
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  10. The scouse git has probably been off sick ever since and unfit for interview/trrial etc
  11. Coming off a Belfast flight we had no powers to search as it's a domestic flight. The Belfast flight still came through the International Arrivals, but usually when no other flights were in the customs hall. Sometimes he came from Dublin, but even that is 'coals to Newcastle' and we'd be looking at Turkey and Far East flights and connectors and not fucking about for a bottle of the poteen with the Aer Lingus pax.

    Anyway I was sat in the MIB Office drinking tea like a good civil servant.
  12. I knew Frank through a mutual friend..

    His humour was very definately of 50s/60s "gag" variety, but unlike Monkhouse, was entirely natural and completely without guile. Frank on stage and Frank off stage were the same.. a constant battering stream of nonsence. I was never aware of evidience of a "tortured soul" or "clown with a broken heart" about Frank. He just kept up this constant flow of gags like a leaky steam engine.. anything and everything triggered off yet another one liner..

    He served in Palestine after the war with the Parachute regiment - He was certainly there during the bombing of the King David, but was probably not on stage at the time..

    He had a very soft spot for the military and did much for service charities..
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  13. Looks like perfect planning to me; spend it all when you're alive and can enjoy it and go with just enough in the bank to pay for a send off. Nothing for the taxman to grab either.....
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  14. I'm a comedy saddo and watch performers for the performance as well as the jokes. With the sound down you can see Franks brain working ten to the dozen. Don't know how bad his eyes were with those glasses but he could pick out spots in an audience and get them laughing and remember laughter is infectious.
    Never heard a bad word about Frank.
  15. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Frank lived very close to me and was someone I considered a friend.

    He was also very far from skint, I imagine he looked after his affairs very well, either in trusts or LLPs or however else they were managed. His pad on Newton Drive and his childrens pads were owned by a company and when I was providing his mobiles they were always in a Ltd Company name.

    I imagine most of his affairs were dealt with in the Republic, even his motor was paddy plated.

    Good egg, much funnier in person and a pleasure to be around.
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