Francois Hollande becomes first French president to visit D-Day war graves

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sirfinthenet, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Good on him.
  2. Shows what a bunch of ungrateful bastards the rest of them have been.
  3. I remember the other year there was a WW2 commemmoration and Sarkozy invited Obama but not the Queen. I think the French are psychologically incapable of accepting that they have "perfidious albion" to thank for their ridiculous libertarian political system.
  4. I seem to remember that everyone was impressed with Blair when he first came to power - that he was breaking the mould, etc, etc. Hope Hollande isn't going to be the same ......
  5. Speak for yourself ! I thought he looked a grinning chancer from day one. I'm not ofter right in my predictions but that time I got it spot on!

  6. That would have been the big D Day commemoration (65 years?). if I recall Brown the Incontinent fixed things so that it was he who would represent the UK, not Her Majesty. After all, he knows a lot about heroism etc, having written a book about it and all. Nothing to do with being able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Obama!

    I suspect the French were probably almost as embarrassed at Bruins antics as we were!
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  7. The article fails to mention that the Prince of Wales and Gordon Brown both attended the 65th anniversary of D Day at Sarkozy's invitation.

    It lashed it down yesterday in Ranville. Fair play to Hollande who went round shaking hands in the downpour. Sadly he didn't thank the 10 guys from 23 Engineer Regiment (Air Assault) who had lined up at the cemetery exit.
  8. Ha! Being more right wing than some, I certainly don't include myself with those who welcomed Blair. But I salute you - you were certainly bang on! Any more predictions which may benefit us? ;P
  9. Quite so 'exile1', I agree. I was a few weeks short of 56 and had not the faintest interest in politics or politicians, except to admire Churchill and Mrs. Thatcher.

    Having watched the grinning spiv Blair for a few weeks, and quickly realising that he was clearly capable of lying with a straight face and a false winsome smile, and was obviously inventing 'policy' on the hoof, I joined a political party. I was also conscious of a feeling of deep suspicion relating to the failed oaf Brown. I had been in the Army for nearly 36 years and hadn't realised what a disastrous gang of ne'er-do-wells 'civvies' were and are!

    I'm used to them now. No understanding of the concepts of commitment; integrity; loyalty and honesty. Are these awful people born or are they coached in the finer points of deception and devious behaviour?

    Never trust a Frenchmen - never ever and especially never trust a French politician and a 'socialist' to boot.
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  10. I seem to remember reading somewhere that when De Gaulle (the liberator of France!!??) was getting France out of NATO he phoned Lyndon Johnstone , the then POTUS and insisted that he wanted all US military personnel removed from France's sacred soil. Johnstone is reputed to have replied: "Does that include the dead ones who are buried in it?"

    I don't know what big noses reply was, but I bet he considered it!