Franco-US team on British Armys biggest project

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. ONE OUT......ALL OUT :wink:

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  2. It's rubbish?
  3. . . . . errmmm - SA80, from Royal Ordnance, as I recall, would be a case of Buying British (forthe sake of doing so)

    It is now a decent weapon.

    Thanks to German know how.

    Next question please . . .
  4. Er... with 9000 UK employees, Thales counts as a British company. Most of these big defence contractors are now multinational. Even BAE now has far more employees in the US than the UK.
  5. It seems buying british for defence gave the UK firms and easy ride with poor design and poor quality control.

    If they pick their socks up they'll get the contract.

    Simple as.
  7. Read the whole thing and dont get excited. The SOSI is the Systems Intergrator.....................they fit things into the chosen vehicle.

    The vehicle hasnt been chosen yet............And i should fecking know, its the bane of my life at the moment.
  8. And the chosen platform is.........VBCI (the French entry).

    Actually, to be fair, it could be MRAV, the Dutch/French/German entry.

    It's actually great to see some movement on this fiasco of a project. Good job we're not fighting two medium scale plus ops at the end of a long line of communication.....
  9. we all know that it isnt MRAV.Your just being contraversial.
  10. :? 3000 vehs has G.B got enough drivers after the cuts to the forces :? :?
  11. Inventions - lovely, but - since the end of W2, you need to look at the history of British production: the jet engine (exception being RR, perhaps) is monopolised by USA, radio and TV are now largely Pacific rim industries, hovercraft are quaint minority products.

    British industry (what there is left of it) since 1945 has never majored in both quality and mass.

    SA80 was manufactured to standards that would have embarrassed British Leyland (who before they went tits up took on Japanese manufacturing technologies and practices from Honda, and still - in a uniquely British way - managed to produce crap cars)

    The only way to get good stuff in these days of globalisation, is to look to where the expertise is to be found.

    Bringing the expertise back to UK does not current;ly look do-able, from a politico-economic standpoint.
  12. Anything that stops those cnuts from BAe sticking their snouts even further into the Defence trough has got to be a good thing, IMHO. Buy Chinese!
  13. And Thales are better!!! French owned company, slack morals, shite delivery and lie through there collective back teeth. Funny how the US version dont talk to the French or British versions and the Dutch and German versions keep well away as well.