Franchise Legal Support - Job Vacancy


Not sure if this is the right place to put this. I am about to retire and the job that I am doing will become vacant on 30th September, it's the kind of job that would absolutely suit someone who is ex military my predecessor was ex military and of course I was, both of us were majors, I was AGC (SPS) and he was RLC (former RAOC Staff Clerk).

The job is currently being advertised on Indeed and here is a link to it - Franchise Legal Support

If you know of anyone about to leave the service or who has already left and is job hunting who fits the bill or who is interested would you mind contacting pointing them in the direction of the Job Advert on Indeed?
From the job ad on Indeed:

”This will require excellent grammar and writing skills, attention detail ....”

Tee hee!

Dr Death

War Hero
LOL! I know I didn't write it, blame the HR Lady!
Pictures of her might help us to assist you better & going commando if she is under 50?
Oh and good luck with retirement, good time to go before they recall you to the colours.
Ah but it's true, I had no part in putting the ad on Indeed! Outside my purview, I'm legal and she's HR and never the twain shall meet!

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