Frances Sarkozy unveils major defense overhaul

British armed forced...

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  • be smaller but better equipped

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy vowed on Tuesday to create a smaller, more mobile and better equipped army able to respond to modern day threats ranging from terrorism to computer attacks.

Launching a new defense policy document, Sarkozy said the military needed to direct more resources to help soldiers in the field and put new emphasis on security within France's borders.

France is expected to cut more than 50,000 military posts, affecting the army, navy and airforce. When the restructuring is complete, the military should have 225,000 personnel.

The number of troops who can be sent abroad will fall to 30,000 from their current level of around 50,000, with a 5,000-strong rapid intervention reserve.
Should the UK follow French example?
We are already there Sergey, we need more money.

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