Frances Mosque Surveillance Program

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alib, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. From Jamestown:
    The French have been alert to the Salafi threat since the early 90s and have suffered only one wave of attack. They must be doing something right.
  2. Was'nt it the French who coined the name "Londistan" because they thought we were far too soft on Muslim extremists living in the UK?
  3. Sounds like a good plan.

    If the Mosques can't police themselves and the people who push their fanatical agenda in the name of their religeon, the country they are in needs to safeguard it's security by helping them to remember whos soil they are on.

    No doubt if we tried the same game here, there would be uproar.......until the next exploding wastecoat takes out a city centre.
  4. Because we all know how well surveillance and repression works! Is it just me, or have we learned absolutely FCUK ALL from history?

    France hasn't been attacked much because they're not an immediate threat against the extremists the way the UK is.
  5. And they were right, we refused to extradite a convicted Islamic terrorist to France for over ten years because - drum roll - his human rights may be threatened, in he spent ten years on benifits, until 7/7 then within 12 hours he was sweating in a Parisian basement.

    I'll slag the Frogs as much as the next man but nobody can ever say that they are soft on terror or apply a less than robust approach to law enforcement, while we have serious fundamental problems.
  6. Quite right the french can be hard sometimes. remember Algeria in the 60's the frogs sorted that out with the legion, was bloody but effective shame De Gaulle gave it back....
  7. Seconded. For all I hate the relentless advance of the European Superstate, I have to admit, they have got one or two good ideas...
  8. yeh i mean lets face it where do all of these people come from before coming here..chunnel and France of course they have even worse problems but at least they're taking a hard line approach which seems to be working.
  9. Your solution would be what?
  10. Obviously you have'nt - how many terrorist incidents happend in the USSR at the apex of Soviet power and control? Both the CIA and MI6 tried to set up insurgency groups within the Soviet Union, without sucess.

    I'm not suggesting we set up a British version of the KGB(although somedays I'm fcuking tempted)but fighting these people with one hand tied behind our backs is a recipe for dead civilians. We need to find a balance.
  11. Where on earth did you get that strange idea? From this side of La Manche we have the impression that Les Rostbifs are unwittingly the Jihad's greatest allies.

    Paris still insists London remains a safe haven for the Jihadi international. That Mr Tony's adventure in Iraq have greatly aided the Jihadi cause as they predicted it would back in 02. Paris is often rated by DC as it's most effective European intelligence partner in the GWOT, they are a decade ahead of the field here.

    The French are a very devious, ruthless bunch and still deeply involved in their old possessions: Algeria, Lebanon and Syria. Algeria has the largest and probably most dangerous Jihadi group the GPSC. Lebanon has a growing Jihadi problem. Syria is a primary target for the Salafi, they have not forgotten Hama.

    With a fast growing Muslim population an order of magnitude larger than Britain's France faces higher risk levels than the UK.

    Understanding the threat Paris does so with a good deal more ruthless pragmatism and sangfroid. This is in stark contrast with the panicky shortsighted response that has come to typify headless chicken London.
  12. The french still look after their national interests.
  13. The French military who had just been duffed up by Vo Nguyen Giap fought that war with brilliance and savagery. The Algerians claim over a million died in their Revolutionary War.

    De Gaulle gave up Frances African Department partly because given the demographics France would have had a majority Arab population by now.

    The French Army was so pissed off it ran a large terrorist campaign, staged 22 assassination attempts against De Gaulle and came close to staging a coup a couple of times. The 1st Régiment Étranger Parachutiste revolted and got disbanded. Rather puts being pissed off with Mr Tony about Iraq in perspective.
  14. here bloody here
  15. alib wrote:

    It is. Ane we won't deport them cos the guppymint needs the muslim vote. We've even got a load of algerian jihadists that left france cos it was getting too difficult for them to operate over there. Blair's legacy going tick, tock, tick, tock.