Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by happybonzo, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. Anyone from ARRSE on holiday in France at present?

  2. Fine upstanding nation.
  3. Dirty filthy Frog bastards.No one in Great Britain would ever do anything like that.
  4. Just goes to show - love really is a many splendoured thing, but it wouldn't raise an eyebrow at the Brighton Pride weekend. Carcasonne? hmm, where's my Michelin map book?
  5. If you get there,on no account try to drive around the castle.It's a long way back in reverse and a nasty drop down the cliff face.
  6. Apart from the fact, that the cost of living seems higher there than here, I like it in France. I quite like the way they put their own self interests first, unlike this country that seems to put incomers first and the rest of us last.

    Perhaps its me age.
  7. Not far from where I'm going on holiday in a couple of months.


  8. We've got a house in the Charente-Maritime and found out about Easter running into Mayday Bank Holiday before the ferry companies did. With the Royal Wedding on the Friday you get 10 days leave but only use up 3 days and get the return ferry for a bargain price.
  9. Whereabouts in the Charente-Maritime? I'm interested in going to the La Rochelle area. Where, in your experience, are the decent places (towns/villages/suburbs) to go and areas to avoid?
  10. Blatant plug for my friends' B&B near Carcassone!

    Les Volets Bleu
  11. Lovely place Carcasonne - I had one of the tastiest Cassoulet dishes ever, in one of the castle restaurants. I also enjoy dragging women around by their cunt flaps, so the area holds many attractions for me.
  12. La Rochelle is lovely and so is Cognac, pineau de charente is also a lovely drink, miles of sandy empty beaches. I don't recall much else after the 5 litre container of rose for about £2