France want air base in Cyprus


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Not our business, is it? Cyprus is an independent republic, France has strong historic links with Lebanon and Syria.

Fill yer boots, Francois, good luck getting Hezbollah to tell the difference between tenue de combat and Israeli green fatigue.
If someone else wants to sort this problem out why should we stop them, presuming that a base in Cyprus is to allow French forces to operate in Israel / lebanon, Syria, Iran. US/Uk arent doing much good for the region, nor themselves. so let them have a crack of the whip. What is the worst that could ahppen as a result of tehm arriving on the scene?

A war?
A genocide?
Are we in any position to say we could stop those things, (or prevent them in the first place)
Booty said:
I think it's perfectly natural that France should want to play a major part in any peace keeping role in one of its former colonies. As crabtastic says, it's really up to Cyprus who it invites to use its airfields.

France has had a couple of large assault ships chugging around off Cyprus for the last couple of weeks, so I think they're intending sticking around for a while.

Doing what, exactly??
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