France want air base in Cyprus

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ToastedGiant, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. France hopes to obtain the use of a key air base in Cyprus to facilitate its ambition of playing a major role in the eastern Mediterranean.
    Details of a proposed military-cooperation treaty were discussed during a visit to Cyprus last week by French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie...

    ...Under the proposal, France would have permanent access to the Andreas Papandreou air base near Paphos.

    The agreement also would provide for the training of Cypriot military personnel and joint exercises, according to sources

    This follows the Cypriots getting all arsy with the Brits for ferrying foreign diplomats etc to Lebanon, and I suspect the French see an opportunity for further 'look at me' posturing, no doubt being peed off that despite Lebanon being a former colony, they have no real projection in the Eastern Med...


    Full article is here
  2. As a non Military element of NATO that refuses our command I have grave reservations about the frogs having access to Cyprus. I have worked alongside them in Gulf War 1 and Op Jural, decent folk as individuals, but tossers as a nation. France is jealous of the UK/US pact and I suspect has more interest in reconstruction of the Leb and building contracts as they have ports on the Med. Post ceasefire there are massive opportunities for $$ and I suspect that the frogs have realised they have no FOBs that they can deploy too. Don't trust the French at all, always have hidden motives. However Benodet, St Tropez and Port Grimaud are gorgeous places that I enjoy on leave.
  3. just tell the Frogs , "Non" the cheek of it, given past performances backstabbing is a national pastime for the Frogs
  4. Why not let the Frogs have a base and try to sort things out? It's not as if Bush the Befuddled and Phoney Tony have made any sort of fist of it, is it?

  5. Fantastic the French want an airbase in the Eastern Med so they can surrender directly to Muslim extremists
  6. Sums it up really, France want US/UK/NATO to guarantee French security if it really hits the fan but are cheerleading independent European force projection despite not having the logistical assets to maintain it. Mrs. Alliot-Marie in Le Monde 3/6/06
    Perfidious Albion? Pull the other one..and never trust the French
  7. Good on the Frogs its in their national interest to seek to dominate the Med
    at least they stand and take what they want when they want.
    Maybe our countrymen well take notice and begin to shape our own distiny rather than some other nations.
  8. They will get it if they offer to provide the majority of the troops for UNILEBFOR(whatever), which they have so they will. Gallic folly, pride and arrogance never fails to amaze me, they really do believe that they can provide an alternative non Anglo Saxon way and that the boiling mass of bigoted resentment that is the muslim world will be able to differentiate between the protestant/catholic/orthadox/etc. 'crusader alliance' and those nice french chaps.

    What ever happened to Charlemagnes policy towards Islam?
  9. At least the food in Paphos will get better.....also not sure if the locals will welcome the surrender monkeys eating all their cheese...
  10. Smoojalooge is bang on the money here.

    We shouldn't forget the French got bombed out of Lebanon the last time round and would you really count on them to give Hezbollah a snotting if required?
  11. Muslims really like the French,

    Place: Former Yugoslavia

    French General: We will protect all the (muslim) civilians in this town. Loads of media coverage to this effect.

    No support for the Dutch peace keepers opn the ground, they then have soldiers taken hostage by the Serbs.

    End result: Dutch UN forces withdraw (Allowed to leave after leaving all supplies and weopans in the UN camp) and a massacre of muslim civilians happens.

    I do not think that has been forgotten by the Muslim brotherhood.


    Names and places witheld to allow said French general to take his pistol and do the honourable thing.
  12. here here BiGbAddAbOOm here here
  13. well they cant do anyworse in lebanon than we have in iraq afganistian
    better them than us .
  14. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Particularly as it won't be Frenchmen they send. The French Foreign Legion do all their fighting. Mind you, at least they won't set up their bases and then surrender. :twisted:

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