France - vehicle use & Breathalysers

Just a "heads up": If you're travelling in France this year. From July you will be required to carry a breathalyser kit in your vehicle along with fluorescent vests, warning triangle etc

You need to buy them in France as the UK ones register at a higher limits than the French levels. They will cost around €1 to €2.
Motorists are being advised to have at least two Breathalyzers at all times, so that one can be used if necessary while the other is kept to produce if requested by police.
The date has been put forward until November to give the shops time to get the kits in stock.

I believe the idea is that if you've been drinking that you should test yourself before you drive off. Then if the Police stop you and breathalyse you and it's a positive you will have no excuse.
The French have quite a bad record for motorists offing themselves with drink being one of the major contributing factors: With even Autoroute Cafes selling booze it is going to take a major re-education about drink driving in France.
I thought it was probably more to do with their mentallity of 'if the speed limit is 80, then I'll do 80 no matter what the road conditions are!'

Add to that a bottle of vino for lunch and Robert's your father's brother.

Another naff idea just to let the feds fine you for something when they pull you over. Hope that they will be pre-breath testing themselves before going out to do the same for others.
11€ if your French 30€ if youre driving a German registered car.Got pulled for speeding in France the bloke that overtook me(French registered just kept going),wer´nt funny!


A fair amount of wine gets quaffed at family get togethers on a Saturday and Sunday lunchtime/afternoon. Spot checks on main roads are fairly common, plod are always very polite and professional.
These things are Euro 1.50 next to the supermarket till, I think I'll get one and throw it in the glovebox rather than start a revolution over the invasion of my rights.......


Surely you're responsible for being sober when driving whether you have a little gadget or not?



Can you confiirm what motorcyclists are required to carry when driving in France?
If you are driving, then normal rules apply, there is no prejudice if you also happen to have a category A entry on your license :)

When riding, I've only been ever asked to show my driving license in reality. I'll check the latest law and get back to you.
Typical French pragmatism;

After a spate of accidents a couple of years ago where cars packed with teenagers boozed up after a nights partying ended up going off the road and slamming into the roadside trees. What do the French do?

Cut down the trees to make it less of a death trap of course!

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