Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Outstanding, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. Here we go then, can England show their true mettle and squash Les frogs?
  2. Is the game only going to last 40 mins?
  3. I hope the English can beat the cheese eating surrender monkeys, although it will be hard.

    I also say this in a completely selfish context, as I would like the Welsh to run through for another Grand Slam.
  4. Wlaes will lose next!
  5. Wlaes?? Against the Italians? Possibly? I think the greasy oicks have the best coach in the world at the moment. They also play very well when they're on form. They have a good pack, and are quick with the ball in open play. It will be a tough match, but hopefully Wales will win.
  6. Nooo Italy must win, it will be soo good, for them and the 6 Nations.
  7. 'ow Butt. Wales to win.

    There's a new series started on Taff Wars.....The Taffinator
  8. Whose on the train tomorrow?
  9. Didn't England win today?
  10. Perhaps, IF England play they did against the Old Enemy, we could be looking good at the end of the championship .. :wink:
  11. They did. God knows how, because they are feckin boring and unimaginative. On the one hand its a pity they won, but on the other hand it leaves Wales two points clear, which is a bloody good thing.

    Bring on the Irish!
  12. B*llocks, they played it right for a team that had blown their last two games in the second half (including the Italy win). What they needed was a win, away from home and against the Frogs at that. Next time they can get better.
    Job done.

    There were Frogs in the bar tonight, and rugby being rugby I have made more friends. Good night, better for me than them.

    Didn't you mean to say 'Come on the Irish'?
  13. Seemed a good match to me. Watched the Ireland/Scotland match too and that was a corker!

    Home wins all round!
  14. Didn't see the Paddy-Jock bout, but even the Frogs reckoned that it was an interesting match.

    But is it just me that I reckon that England kick too much. They have some potentially World-class backs but rely too much on Jonny. He scores three points and immediately the other buggers get possession. If England pressured more then they could score more points and the others wouldn't have so much ball. It lost us the Welsh game.
    Remember the Underwoods? Get the ball and give it to Rory, try on.
    We don't do that now.
    Or am I wrong?