France v England 6 Nations

OK so we had a long thread about Scotland V England - any views on Sun's game. As I am currently working with some Frenchies at the moment I only hope England win!! :lol:
don't care as long as france win :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Being from the other side of the water, I will whole heartedly be behind England, it will make the last match against Ireland fantastic viewing when we whoop your butts and lift the 6 nations trophy.............maybe
I am supporting England, only because I dislike the French more than I do the English..
charlie hodgson is GOD!
England to win. mind u... god only knows who'll take the trophy home but based on englands performance against scotland, what can I say?


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Long live the Auld Alliance!

Vive La France!
It's that old adage - depends which French team turns up....

Regardless, and contrary to many of my Welsh countrymen, I will always support a home nation against the French.


Of course its got to be England to give the frogs one up the Arrse

4 tries and 2 conversions sounds about right to me ( in Englands favour ).
Its too close to call, god, I hate the French.

Can the ref win?????


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It will be France - quite easilyIMHO. Once the Engerland reserves get off their exercise bikes (WTF is that all about?) they are knackered.

Allez France :lol:

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