France - Travel Advice Wanted

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Adjutant, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. The Adjt is driving from the South of France to JHQ and is looking for somewhere decent to stop for the night with Mrs Adjt and the nipper...

    We'll be travelling through France up the A7 and A6 and I reckon somewhere to stop between Lyon and Dijon would probably be a good idea...

    Any Francophobes out there with any advice on a good place to stop for the night - a town or a particular hotel perhaps?

    Any other top tips related to the journey gratefully received.


  2. I think any Francophobes would probably tell you not to go in the first place!

  3. Very picturesque - all the major roads in France are lined with trees - the German army prefers to march in the shade.
  4. Lyons is well worth a visit - and fabulous food there
  5. Fair one beefer, Francophiles was what I meant but the dodgy local plonk had had an effect...

    Mind you, there are plenty 'phobes out there that know quite a bit about the country all the same...
  6. Belgium?
  7. You could do no better than stop off at Nancy. 3/2 of your journey cracked, a sound night out in an ancient city and gentle but impressive leg the next day. If you get your admin right you could book in at the Maison du Cadre which, although not quite Place Saint Augustin standard, is one of the better ones. Enjoy.
  8. Any Campanile ( - there are several in the Burgundy region. There is one in Beaune (in the heart of the wine region and a very interesting town) convenient for the town centre or there are two in Macon. Good rates and accomodation and an excellent and reasonable restaurant in each hotel (usually where the local French eat!).
  9. Saint Galmier - where Badoit water comes from - is scenic, ethnic and gourmandise! Try La Charpiniere for a stop-over. Went to a wedding there - exquisite!
  10. Get the nipper started early, introduce him to the world's oldest profession on the Rue St Denis. And while nipper his getting his oats with one of Paris' ropiest streetwalkers you and the missus can shoot up in the Bois de Boulogne.
  11. PM Shergar - he married a French lady and is probably completely au fait with potential stop-overs en route to the Massif-central
  12. That has made me laugh. I was in Paris this weekend and walked up that very street at around 1500 heading away from Place du Chatelet and did indeed see the worst brasses I have ever laid (sic) eyes on.

    I commented to Ms BoS, who is a local and then tried to imagine the state of the punters...............