France to withdraw some troops from Ivory coast

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by fantassin, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. ABIDJAN, March 22, 2007 (AFP) - France will soon reduce its forces in Ivory Coast to below 3,000 following a peace agreement signed by the government and rebel forces, a military official said Thursday.

    France currently has 3,500 troops in the country who have operated alongside United Nations forces to patrol a buffer zone dividing the rebel-controlled north and the government-led south.

    Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo and rebel head Guillaume Soro reached a peace deal earlier this month designed to lead to the formation of an interim government and elections.

    Soro led a 2002 abortive coup against Gbagbo, triggering a brief civil war that left the west African country divided.

    The peace agreement also calls for the scaling down of both UN troops and French forces. The UN has some 7,000 troops in Ivory Coast.

    French Lieutenant Colonel Christian Rascle did not give specific numbers in his announcement, but said the withdrawal to below 3,000 troops should occur within a couple of months.

    In the meantime troops would be redeployed from the west of the country to the centre, and in particular the commercial capital of Abidjan and the political capital of Yamoussoukro, he told a press conference.

    The UN Security Council has extended the mandate for French forces in Ivory Coast until June 30.

    Rascle said the modifications to the French force, known as Operation Unicorn, resulted from the improvements in the security situation, and the planned elimination of the buffer zone and formation of a unified national army.

    "We are anticipating what is likely to happen in the next few weeks," he said.

    The 7°BCA (Mountain Inf Bn) will be pulled out from IC between now and the 15th of May as part of that draw down.
  2. Just read "France to Withdraw....."

    Withdraw = Retreat

    Said "Quelle Surprise"

    And moved on to the Naafi Bar.
  3. France has Troops???

    8O 8O 8O
  4. They have troops, most famously their Foreign Legion who are officially not allowed to be French citizens on enlistment (wonder why..). I watched the start of a movie called The Savior recently and it their officer claimed that the "Foriegn Legion fights for no country" Who do they fight for then? Officially the Legion I know, but ultimately for France I'd guess? he also said the recruits had all lost their given names but would be issued with new ones ( he's wrong there from what I've heard).
  5. I'm dead bored of this sort of post, who are you? Where have you been? Post a verifiable photo of you in uniform or feck off. COs please.
  6. The FFL will not harbour criminals and "offer" a nom de guerre, you can keep your name and stay "open" for all and sundry to find or adopt a new identity...

    But who really cares?
  7. Eh? Legion Et'Ranger veterans most certainly choose to become French citizens after finishing their initial five year commitment. A fellow I served with opted to join them during the absurdity of the lean Clintoon years (in which line infantry in the 101st were reduced to yelling "bang bang" because blank ammunition was too expensive for our training budget.) He completed his enlistment, became a French citizen, married a nice gal from Nice (obviously the big reason for his decision), and has been employed by his father in law.
  8. Letterman, who I am is my business not yours. I've probably been at least as far in this world as you have and judging by your manner perhaps a little further. Suffice it to say I have a happy marriage, a thriving business and only a few regrets. My last wife may still have a few of the sort of pictures you crave. But we're not chatting nowadays and she lives at the other end of the world. They're nothing to write home about anyway, but there's an Impala on my cap badge. I've got one of me aged 12 with the rest of my ATC detached flight as RAF Cosford . Verifying that it's actually me in the picture could take time as it was 1965 but if this is really important to you, I'll try.

    (People, I think I've finally met EJ, or was it PJ Gumby............ahhh Cleese you genius.)

    And if this is David Letterman, youll never match Leno.
  9. I've got a Frenchman building a house next to mine. He's an irritating sort of a b&stard as well.
  10. Only those who joined the Legion with the intent of securing French citizenship (Eastern Bloc and Africans) would bother their arrses to change passports. And it's not as easy as the recruitment crap makes out. If you had a disciplinary record (and this would cover virtually every Brit Legionnaire I knew during my service) this would be scrutinised before you had any chance of even putting in the paperwork. There were a couple of exceptions but they were obnoxious cnuts and had become even more French than the French. So much so that a Legion Amicale in France has now barred one of these guys from attending reunions because they can't stand the fukcer, either. I've also been told that he turned up for the Annual Camerone Day parade/pish up in London, today. But was advised, most strongly, to fukc off or be on the receiving end of a well deserved slap.
  11. LOL! Wonder what he did that was so bad to receive such a severe treatment eh? Far as changing citizenship... I dunno... kinda nice to have only four day work weeks and hollidays up the wazoo. Of course, any rational man such as myself couldn't endure the driving conditions in France without becoming a raving sociopath so I suppose to each their own. ;)
  12. Perhaps this will be of use.......................

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  15. Late post but...

    What complete, utter bullshit. I served on Bragg during that time and only during the early part of GWI's admin did something like that happen and only during one fiscal year--89 or so. During Clinton's era we got more new funding; jumps, ranges, TDYs, schools,, SAWs replacing old '60s, Gortex, Lowe Rucks and more other equipment than you could shake a stick at.