France to send reinforcements to Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. According to our information, the Defense Ministry and the General Staff of Armed Forces are preparing to send new reinforcements to Afghanistan.

    They would form a brigade of three (or four) battalions. This will mean the arrival of additional troops, the exact strength of which remains unknown.

    Very enthusiastic at the idea, the Americans already speak of the "French Brigade" which should move into eastern Afghanistan, from the valley of the Kapissa - where reinforcements have already arrived in the summer of 2008. This brigade will be commanded by a french general officer and would be given a wider area than that given to the French military today.

    More in French at:

    That was expected and often presented as "a gift" to the forthcoming POTUS. In military terms, several hundred more combat troops should reinforced the FR units already on the ground with a view to creating a more coherent TF of brigade size.
  2. And the French would very much like to exact some suitable revenge for the tragedy of earlier this year no doubt.

    Is this the first step of the long called for NATO surge?
  3. If only the Germans could be persuaded to get their troops into the fight!
  4. Let us hope more nations jump aboard and get into the fight!
  5. Good show the frogs!
  6. D@mmit, I'm going to have to dig out a differant country now, any suggestions whos a good NATO slacker-country to be prejudiced against?

  7. Iceland, after all our glorious leader used Anti-Terror laws to freeze their financial assets in the UK.
  8. Be interesting to see if the Obama Administration pushes for more NATO involvement (I am not suggesting this increase in numbers is attributable to the President-Elect). I know Merkel has said she'll resist the call for more German troops.
  9. No, I believe the reinforcements are in fact 3 battalions of cooks to improve the standard of cooking.
  10. Yeah, freeloading mid-atlantic viking descendant financially-incompetant b'stards! What about the portuguese or the Hungarians? What have they done for me lately?
  11. I am glad France is stepping up to the plate and reinforcing their commitment to getting the job done in Afghanistan. Hopefully other nations will follow suit and amongst us we put enough boots on the ground to actually stabilize the place. Of course... there is that thorny issue of safe havens in Pakistan.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm afraid it's not all as it may at first appear . . . . . .

    Those new battalions going out there are actually search teams.

    Apparently, the in-country troops surrendered and are now MIA.

    My good sir, thanks for the coat.
  13. Cool, I like the status quo of them being cheese eating surrender monkeys who avoid a good ruckus unless it's against africans in their old colonies...
  14. I thought so, & I'm willing to bet the french will restrict their soldiers actions to kabul,

    Thank God the Canadians, the Americans & the Danes have more bottle than the rest of our NATO "allies"

    Not forgetting the Australians aswell