France to send extra 1000 troops to Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. From The TimesMarch 22, 2008

    Nicolas Sarkozy to bolster force in Afghanistan with 1,000 extra troops Francis Elliott and Michael Evans
    Nicolas Sarkozy will tell Gordon Brown next week that France plans to send an extra 1,000 soldiers to Afghanistan to bolster the battle against the Taleban.

    Senior ministers have told The Times that the French President wants to underline his commitment to Nato allies during his state visit to Britain.

    The Ministry of Defence has made a working assumption that President Sarkozy will announce a deployment of “slightly more than 1,000 troops to the eastern region”, one said.

    The deployment would deliver a significant fillip to the military operation in Afghanistan, ensuring that other countries such as Canada remain engaged. It would also provide concrete evidence that France was committed to forging a new relationship with Nato.
  2. has terry got the facilities for that many POW's
  3. It says extra troops to afghan. Not having been there I wouldn't know but, does France currently have any troops in Afghanistan?
  4. Any more info?

    The eastern region doesn't narrow it down too much.

    Is this the start of the half-arsed input by other nations as long as their Troops are not put in danger?

    Or is it the start of a serious attempt of support from other nations?

    What other resources are they putting in?
  5. wot? more germans?
  6. French Army? Whats that? :?
  7. Bets on they will be Foreign Legion. French don't care about them getting chopped also less likely to surrender than regular French troops. As was stated before hard to shake the old surrender monkey from a frogs back.
  8. Ahh we get to hear the french battle cry... I SURRENDER!!!
  9. Maybe the plan is to overun Terry with POWs!!!! Surely their logistics would soon break down under such a relentless assualt by up handed, white flag flying French Soldiers.

    Just like in Sharpe, a column of Frenchies, 6 wide, and 100s deep, shouting "viv l'surrender", "viv l'surrender" and in the middle of it all the tricolor of the French Battle Flag with it's 3 shades of white.

    Terry says to his mate Trevor, "Don't worry, if we shoot 3 times a minute we can break their column, and they wont try to surrender to us".

    Or the Afghans want some trees planting along the roads.

    FFL, definitly in the mix. But the French Army is getting better now they only recruit those who want to join, and the best of their youth. Unlike before when they recruited everybody, and didn't want to send their conscript army anywhere in case the mums got a bit shirty about it.
  10. Welcome news. I wonder how many of those deploying on Op Drapeau Blanc will get within reach of Terry?
  11. Yes, they seem to be making a better effort than many NATO countries. Their Air Force is actively involved already isn't it?
  12. I think i may of posted this before, but before UK Plc got into Helmand, the French Army did a lot of work around the mountains of Kabul. In fact at times, went further afield than ourselves. At the time we were doing the Kabul Patrol Company work. Also, around Kabul Airport there were some unmarked French version (Peugeot) G-Wagons driving around, no markings, no ranks armed with silenced MP5's. Would leave at night, come back in at night.

    But i like the POW idea!!! :wink:
  13. Is this not a result of Canada saying they were unwilling to continue in Afghanistan unless further support was given by other NATO nations? At least it seems to have worked.

  14. The Canadian Francophiles may have had a word with their Garlic munching, Cheese scoffing cousins.
  15. This might surprise you:

    Taken from France in Canada website. The French do a lot more than you think, it's not just the Foreign Legion going on ops.