France to open talks with Russia on warship contract (LPD)

PARIS/MOSCOW, October 13 (RIA Novosti) - France has decided to start official negotiations on the sale of a warship to Russia, a French economic journal reported on Tuesday.

Russia is seeking to buy a Mistral-class helicopter carrier, worth 400-500 million euros.

Citing unnamed sources, Les Echos said Paris would formulate its terms and the further course of negotiations would depend on the response from Moscow. A final decision is expected in mid-November at the latest.
The warship would be built at the STX shipyard in France in partnership with the French shipbuilder DCNS.

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said on October 1 that France would sell Russia a warship if the two countries were able to reach an agreement. He did not elaborate on what kind of political accord or agreement was involved.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin said on September 19 that in buying the ship Russia was seeking technology to boost its shipbuilding industry.

He added that Russian shipbuilders strongly opposed the deal and that the government had yet to make a decision on whether Russia needs to build costly aircraft carriers.

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If Russia is trading with the west, isn't that a positive sign? Maybe they will use it to chase pirates off Somalia. Maybe I am getting too optimistic in my dotage.
auxie said:
Pity we dont build ships anymore ,we could tendered for that contract
Don't ask me why but apparently the russians are only interested in the French LPD; the Spaniards and Dutch were hoping to propose their designs and they are apparently not on the short list.


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Presumably this is either for the Baltic Fleet so that Putin can threaten the Baltic republics, or for the Black Sea Fleet to do the same in the Caucasus.

France has a long history of sucking up to Russia in order to keep the Germans guessing, broken briefly in about 1812 when the Germans had been quiesced for a bit. The French have never had strong feelings about democracy, of which they have no historic tradition, always preferring a strong, even Fascist centre. Politics in Fr have always been free of ethical considerations.
Interesting news when only a few months ago it was reported that Russia was scrapping plans on new uniforms for the army due to lack of funds!!!!

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