France to deploy a Squadron of AMX10 RC AFVs in A-stan

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by fantassin, May 17, 2008.

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  1. According to this French blog

    the reinforced Bn (structured around the 8°RPIMa, a marine airborne unit) which will be sent to Astan this summer will comprise a squadron of 15 tons, modernized and up-armoured 6X6 AMX-10RC AFVs armed with a 105 mm gun from the 1er REC, the Foreign Legion's Cavalry regiment.

    It will also have some 120 mm heavy mortars from the 35 th Airborne artillery regiment (35°RAP).

    The AMX10RCs will be sent instead of the ERC 90 Sagaie light armoured cars that were initially scheduled.

    The French Bn (around 700 men) will replace US forces in the RCC (Regional Command Centre) from July-August.
  2. Your views are just ill informed. The FFL unit will be a minority in a Bn staffed with regular french units.

    The misconception that the FFL "does the fighting" while the other french units just watch is quite common among French bashers because it feeds their prejudice of France as a nation of cowards having to rely on foreigners to fight for them.

    It could not be further away from the truth though, the last légionnaire KIA going back to several years in Ivory Coast while since french soldiers from engineers, mountain units, SF, cavalry etc. have died on operations.
  3. Did they have heart attacks whilst running as fast as they could from trouble?
  4. Uncalled for, these men died as ours have fighting hard in the Stan.
  5. The Legion were there in 2003 in PD 11 in Kabul...what new?
  6. What is new is that France will send AMX-10RC to the party.

  7. classy...slow hand clap
  8. Also the fact that there are rather large numbers of "Belgians" in the Legion....there are also a number of people from Belgium.

    Of course if Stacker and Mr Deputy have no other way of dealing with their presumable trauma at the hands of a Frenchman they could at least spare us their "wit" save it for the Naafi or your rape counsellor.
  9. Yes but the rest of the battle group, based around a parachute infantry regiment, slightly bigger than a UK battalion (four rifle coys as opposed to three, they are a bit bigger too), is made up of French troops.
  10. I've always thought that skid-steering a vehicle that heavy was a bit odd.

  11. Hello California_Tanker,

    it is very unusual but there is good reason for it.
    This vehicle is closely related to their tracked armoured personell carrier,the AMX 10.
    Skid steering would allow greater commonality as well as making the vehicle simpler and more compact than a conventional steered wheel vehicle.

    The RC is not too heavy either,it is not much more than half the weight the Stryker is heading towards and a good deal lighter than many similarly steered tracked vehicles.

  12. In fact 1er REC are sending a Troop (3 AMX 10RC's) as far as i can tell. Since the updated version was issued to the 3rd squadron i guess it's one of their Troops being sent. I served in this vehicle back in the 8O's and found it an excellent bit of kit. It lacked the boiling vessel and decent II night sight of the cvr(T) series which i also served on but was good all the same. It's amphibious capacity was suppressed when it was uparmoured. The other French units taking part are Para units, Artillery, Infantry and engineers as well as Airforce Para Commandos. Like most i did not have much respect for the French Army as a whole, even during my Legion service (1st Squadron, 1er REC) but there are good regiments and now it's a professionel Army with lots of specialist units, good equipement and above all it does it's job well.And remember it's not the guy's on the ground who decide where they are sent, like most soldiers they're quite willing to get stuck in but it's the politicians who make the call, just look at the problem the KSK had recently!
  13. It will be interesting to see if Sarko follows up his promise to get stuck in. If only for the pressure it will put on the rest of Europe...especially with his occassional reference to a core union.

    Perhaps the Europe that fights together, trades together?
  14. While I haven't had much use for France's political leadership at times over the years, one cannot honestly accuse their soldiers of some vague cowardice. The fighting elan has always and still does exist within their ranks.