France to close its military base in Dakar, Senegal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Feb 21, 2010.

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  1. It's been confirmed today that France will close its military base located in Dakar, Senegal. This base had been used as a staging point by 1 Para during their rescue Op in Sierra Leone in 2000.

    Pdt Sarkozy had said several years ago he wanted to reduce the number of French bases abroad with one base in East Africa (Djibouti) and one in West Africa (Gabon).

    This closure is another sign of this policy being implemented. The closure is not the result of tensions between France and Senegal but Gabon has for a long time been favoured over Senegal by the French military.

    The current joint base in Dakar housed over 1,200 military personel with families.

    Only a small cooperation detachment should remain in Dakar and the signing of the official closing agreement should be done before April this year.

    Other units and bases like the 43 BIMa in Ivory Coast have already been disbanded as part of this plan.

    Source in French:
  2. It's about time really, the base does not serve that big a purpose. The one in Djibouti I can't see being closed for a long time, with its strategic position and the fact the Djibouti government request assistance dealing with rebels from the French.
  3. Does make one wonder though why we didn't decide to hang on to a few strategically located bases like the French did.

    Plus aren't there a lot of Americans using it now? If the French ever left they'd probably just negotiate to take right on over.
  4. What you mean like SBA Cyprus, Ascension Island, British Indian Ocean Terrotories (Diego Garcia) and Gibraltar?
  5. The Yanks have trained at the base a few times. It's mainly US Marines if I remember correctly, but they're not permanently stationed there.

    As for your first point I hate to say it but that's probably because the French government actually have some sense. :lol: :lol:

    Edit: Ahh turns out I'm wrong.

    "France's 13th Foreign Legion Demi-Brigade shares Camp Lemonier with the Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) of the United States Central Command, which arrived in 2002...It is also from there [Djibouti] that the American Army launched a few attacks in 2007 against enemy forces in Somalia."
  6. Not wishing to be pedantic but they're all British territory.

    Better examples would be Brunei and Belize.

    Maybe if the yanks hadn't stabbed us in the back the Suez Canal would still bein British and French hands as well
  7. My bold - If Sir Anthony Eden the then PM had troubled to inform his own FCO at the time never mind our American cousins of his intentions then things could very well have proved different. No wonder he departed following that political debacle, on the grounds of ill health.
    BLiar choose to follow his example on the Iraq fiasco, marginalising our European partners in that instance and look where that's got him.