France: The world’s best country for quality of life

Discussion in 'Travel' started by fantassin, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. And it's not me saying's the spams !


    France: The world’s best country

    By the staff of International Living

    For the fourth year running, France comes first in our annual Quality of Life Index.

    In your IL magazine every month, we consider the countries around the world where you could live cheaper, pay less tax, enjoy better weather, take advantage of opportunities in emerging markets…places where you could start a new life, start a business, retire… Then, once a year, every January, we take a different perspective. We consider not only those places that offer particular and timely opportunities for the would-be expatriate…but nearly every nation on earth. This year, our survey looks at 194 countries.

    To produce this annual Index we consider, for each of these countries, nine categories: Cost of Living, Culture and Leisure, Economy, Environment, Freedom, Health, Infrastructure, Safety and Risk, and Climate. This involves a lot of number crunching from “official” sources, including government websites, the World Health Organization, and The Economist, to name but a few.

    Once the data is collected, we also take into account what our editors from all over the world have to say about our findings. These correspondents and colleagues are working and living in these countries themselves and give us a more realistic view of our official findings.

    This year, as with the past three years, all our number-crunching, rating, and ranking landed France at the top of our Index. France scores high marks across the board…from its health care (84 points) to its infrastructure (90 points) to its safety rating (100 points). But the main appeal of living in France is arguably its lifestyle (its scores 85 points in our Culture and Leisure category).

    France’s sensual allure leaves nobody untouched. Spend even a few months here and you will never again regard life in quite the same way.
    As our European editor, Steenie Harvey said of her first visit to this country: “It was love at first sight. I can’t get enough of its culture, fashion, stunning architecture, and intoxicating history. As for the food and wine—well, even thinking about it makes me salivate.”

    More at :

    Everybody already knew that but it's good to see it in let's wait for the flack... :p
  2. I love to smell like a cheese eating surreder monkey with nuclear mutations. Great quality of life ;)
  3. Could it be linked in any way to their citizenry being unwilling to just bend over and take a pumping from their government, unlike our own bovine Anglo-Saxon mentality?

    Well done, les crapauds.They've actually got a realistic idea of their indivudual and collective place in the world and act to defend that, instead of some bizarre pipe-dream of 'influence'.
  4. It would be lovely if it were not for the French.
  5. Cue the "QI Obvious response siren"
  6. Try Bretagne, they are not really French, but Brits who emigrated there centuries ago. They really are different, they describe France as a small country somewhere between Bretagne and Belgium! I think I could survive there quite comfortably, but learning Breizh could be a problem.

    PS Nice try Fantassin, but could this be a put up job? :wink:
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Living there part-time I would agree, and I'm certainly not biased.

    The only problem I have to figure out, is whether to semi-retire in the French Alps for the skiing, moutaineering and hiking, the south coast for the diving, or somewhere like Provence in between :D
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Yeah but what to the Yanks know, they think everyone wants to be an American ;)

    I do like France though, especially the south, but don't you dare tell anyone I said that, ok froggy. :D
  9. **** yeah! You are free to do as we tell you!!!
  10. Obvious yes,but still true.
  11. We need to reclaim our rightfull lands in France!
  12. And yet Steenie Harvey lives in Ireland. Go figure.

    The real spam opinion is:

  13. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    My parents live in Provence, and I envy the hell out of them.

    We can talk forever (and we do, on ARSSE) about our waning or rising power, our place in the world, our special relationship with the US and such weighty diplomatic and politicial issues....the French seem more focused on joie de vivre.

    The only place we seem to have maintained good local food and drink, attractive architecture, local neighbourhood mores and beautiful countryside are parts of the Scooootish Highlands and the Southwest.
  14. Eh, aint they just Cornish, Welsh, Cumbrian?? Emigrated - didn't they live there all along.