France pulling combat troops from Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yellow_Devil, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. France has combat troops :? :? :D
  2. well, effete skinheads in tailored uniforms...
  3. Well they no doubt need them to back up the CRS in the Paris suburban battlezones, putting down the rioting Muslims...
  4. One side of the story again.

    So it sounds like the French are resting SF troops, who seem to have been very busy previously. They also make a committment to having French Forces available as a QRF.

    From the French MoD website......

  5. as they are running away again, i can only conclude that the germans will shortly be entering the country :)

    you heard it hear first lol
  6. IIRC from the last time this was brought up on here (a while back), it's due to the Yanks withdrawing from certain areas in AFG, meaning that the helo support promised to Monsieur SF was also withdrawn.
  7. there were rumours it was due to (politically unacceptable) level of losses, but without inside info, it's hard to know who to believe

    the French media seem not to be commenting (and are usually untrustworthy when it comes to their own foreign policy anyway)
  8. Looked into this further. The stories apparently started back in October when Le Journal du Dimanche reported that Chirac had agreed in cabinet that the French SF should be withdrawn, allegedly due to the worsening security situation in southern Afg. Apparently morale was rock-bottom after their comrades were tortured by the insurgents.

    Where did the stories re lack of US heli support come from? Sounds odd, given that the US are surely not short of a chopper or two, and that the Fr withdrawal has been very bad PR for NATO.
  9. It was on here at the time, tried looking but searching 'French SF' brings up about 138 pages.
  10. Have to say the French in 2003 did a fair few patrols etc from Kabul up into the mountains. Not that im a fan of the French anyway but the ones we met were a good bunch of lads. And they had a few SF at the Airport always buggering off somewhere. Although we steered clear of the ones with silenced MP5's!!