France/Paris on the cheap

Me and the bird are thinking of thorwing a tent into the back of the car and doing France this year any cheap camp-sites in Normandy/Brittany and anyone know of some clean cheap hostels in Paris and decent places to visit apart from the Eiffel tower/Louvre etc.
Don't bother! the current exchange rate makes it too expensive plus the place is full of frenchmen and there will be a fair chance that they will be blockading the ports so you'll be stuck.

Get as far as the south coast of England and camp in Devon or Dorset.
If you got your own house or flat, then try homeswap,very cheap way of seeing the world , we do it 4 to 6 times ayear, off to Hongkong on the 24th for a 7 day swap :dance:
personally wouldnt do it again but the trip down the river is ok, like a bus, hotel we stopped in was by the stade de france..local bar was an irish bar....ibis if i remember, cheap for travel etc....would go to brugge first though campsite cheap as chips

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