France orders 129 BAE Systems BvS10 Mkll All-Terrain vehicle

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by fantassin, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. In spite of a law-suit by Kinetics which did not like losing the contract, France has confirmed its orders for 129 BAE Systems BvS10 Mkll All-Terrain vehicles

    Production of 53 + 76 vehicles worth 2,2Bn SEK ($300m) is included in this contract.

    These vehicles will equip the 27 Mountain Brigade and the 9 Marine Brigade. (in swedish)

    After the purchase of over 350 Land Rover and several dozen JCBs, this is the third major contract the French army has awarded to a British owned company this year.
  2. Softening us up so we buy Rafale instead of the JCA?
  3. I think you could do worst than procuring the Rafale but I doubt this will ever happen, if only for reason of national pride.

    More infos on the BV10S order:

    The order will be broken down in three versions:

    -Troop carrier
    -Command Post
    -Logistic vehicle

    Each will be fitted with either a 12,7 mm or a 7,62 mm MG.

    Other links in French:
  4. Whats this about France buying 350+ Landrovers. I've not seen that. Any link?

  5. if they want to save money, buy rafale for the navy, and more typhoons for the raf
  6. Why are you bothered how much the French spend?
  7. No this is impossible, surely the French would never buy British for their military.......what with history and bollocks ect
    Wellington, Agincourt ect ect

  8. Radoi equipment will be probably Thales. Project managementt via EADS. Only UK input will be 12 dossers on the car park gates.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Something to do with the ever-more-heavy pressure for EU armies to buy EU. Probably brought more to the fore since the US started pushing 'buy American'.

    We do make some very good kit in the EU, and so we bl00dy well should with 500,000,000 people and 20 odd armed forces.

    If the French are buying British, it's quite likely to be something to do with this, and the kit they've been buying IS rather good according to those who use it.
  10. Half a mo.

    The BvS is bloody well Swedish.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer


    Mind you, they also make some nice kit.
  12. Made by Hagglunds which were bought out by Alvis several years ago.
  13. And are still made in Sweden, to Swedish designs by Swedish engineers.

    The Javelin ATGW has more UK content.
  14. Actually, you will find that much of the design came from the Booties that were involved in developing it. As such, the MoD owns a percentage (around 20% IIRC) of the intellectual rights.
    So money comes to the UK: some through the MoD and the rest through BAE, regardless of Bjorn doing the welding.

    And some of them were made in Telford.