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The second round of the French Presidential elections are fast approaching, as I see it the French people have two choices vote for Chirac, a corrupt politician who by, and it is pretty much assured, winning again avoids prosecution for another 5 years or Jean-Marie Le Pen, a racist bigot who, after being wound up by our PM (Primus Monkeus) threatens to send all of France’s immigrants our way?? :(

I agree with most of the world, it is clear that Chirac will win but will the process leave such a bitter taste in the mouths of the French that it will lead to social turmoil and unrest.  :'(

If so will President Blah (PM) send the few remaining troops left on this Isle to assist in peace keeping operations or should we brick up the tunnel and use France as an Artillery Range?

Also would anyone agree that by attacking Penn in such a way PM has only strengthened Penn’s position, how many Frenchmen would surely applaud the man that openly attacks the British Premiere? We are lead by such wise men.... me thinks not :-/

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Appreciate that my post is a tad late, given that the elections have already been held, but would like to say -
Yes, I agree that it was foolish of many of the west's politicians, including our PM, to tell the people of France how to vote. Le Pen never had any chance of winning, but could well have gained in popularity and sympathy if it were felt that the rest of the world were lecturing the French.

However, if you're going to tell the people of 1 country not to vote for evil politicians, why not be consistent and take the same message elsewhere? I, of course, never anticipated such hypocrisy from politicians, so was very surprised when nobody told the people of the Republic of Ireland note to vote for Sinn Fein.  But no, silence was maintained, and the terrorists' political wing suffered no such criticism.

I'm also not sure what to think about the Irish people, given that many of them appear to be prepared to regard Sinn Fein as just another ordinary political party. I appreciate that a lot of them loathe the violence of the paramilitaries, but there doesn't appear to be any backlash against their success in  Eire, as there was against the BNP in the UK.

Any thoughts?

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