France is Trying to Sell 1/3rd of its Leclerc MBTs

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by fantassin, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. According to the French weekly Le Point, France is trying to sell 1/3 of the 386 Leclerc MBT currently in service in France to a yet to be named country; Saudi Arabia has turned down an offer.

    (In French only):

    According to the French General Staff the number of MBT to be sold is only 82 at 1Million euros each (8% of the normal price of a new Leclerc) but Le Point is positive the figure actually stands at 120, mostly of the S1 variant which is no longer up to date.

    This comes after the annoucement that it's very likely a 2nd aircraft carrier will not be built for the French navy because of financial constraints.
  2. Just as well world peace is breaking out...
  3. I'm sure ARRSE can get the money raised to buy one? Test the Chally on a proper target.
  4. I wonder which murderous tinpot dictator the frogs will sell them to. Mugabe?
  5. It france im sure they will sell them to N Korea then surrender to them later (woops did i say that!)
  6. Not to make the topic too serious, but they'll have to go to a country that can keep up with the maintenance on the digital databus and associated systems. This is an awfully complex tank and there are likely only a handful of armies that have the capability to run the LeClerc.
  7. Doesn't the UAE have some already?
  8. They have already painted them the same colour as their battle flag,
    And pointed them in the right direction.

  9. Would this be the third that are VOR due to a 'rumoured' spares shortage?
  10. and can speak French...... 8)
    Togo, Senegal, Martinique....or Tahiti????
  11. Right, Wingers, the French will undoubtedly NOT translate any of the technical manuals into any other languages. :omfg:
  12. Each LeClerc comes with 1 forward gear and 9 reverse.
  13. Well whattya know... my guess is old Hugo Chavez might be interested in these. Far as selling to technologically challenged nations... well, that has worked before with a bit of retrofitting and would explain the serious price reduction. Toss out the digital gunner's primary site & fire control computer and replace em with a mechanical one with a decent reticule, remove the thermals since night fighting is practically unknown in many parts of the world, and scrap the digital frequency hopping radios for single channel types and it's all good. Ah well... either way we'll eventually get to see how well these things do in action I'm sure since many other nations have managed to get good use out of French gear even if the original owners have not.
  14. Have they tried the Italians? They are the only ones who have use for a MBT with more reverse gears than forward.