France is getting more insular by the day

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Joshing-lens, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. Here is a news item that may have escaped many SFN members. It was in the Le Figaro (online version) earlier this week. It concerns text messaging (sending and receiving SMS) within France. It refers to the use of all languages other than French when texting.

    The new law says that a maximum of 12% of all SMS traffic within the French telecommunications system in foreign languages will be allowed (Loi 2872bis, Décret 842a, 18 Mars 2013, Loi concernant l'utilisation des langues étrangères dans les télécommunications). It would appear that it includes such expressions as ‘le weekend’, ‘le parking’, ‘bye bye’, ‘angst’, ‘email’ and ‘ciao’ that have become firmly implanted in the French vocabulary. However, for ‘email’ the French equivalent ‘courriel’ is now expected.

    The most worrying part of the new law is the fact that once daily quotas are full, texts in entirely (or partly) foreign language and even using a single non-French word will be blocked!

    The law comes into effect on Friday, 5 April and of course, we here at SFN are totally opposed to this new law.

    A member of the French parliament has followed on by proposing that all websites based in France must now contain a minimum of 33.3% French language content! Plus, all foreign language sites must offer the possibility of full availability in French. He has also suggested that chat rooms and other facilities have limits similar to the mobile telephony regulations.
  2. What's "Cheese eating surrender monkies" in French?
  3. So the French telecoms companies read every single text?

    Let me guess... Avril Fool?
  4. Or perhaps "Poisson d'avril!" as I believe they prefer.
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  5. My favourite poisson is the Giant Sunfish.
  6. The increasingly frantic struggle of the governors of a language that, due to taxonomical intransigence and modern-day irrelevance, is in its death throes.

    It is a shame that the Academie de France and the other "influential" organs cannot muster the pragmatism to allow their child to grow up and to evolve; as the language itself is really quite succinct and a pleasure to use.

    It's ironic that French is no longer the lingua franca.......

    Comment prendre une chose simple et la rendre compliquée:???:
  7. Merde
  8. It's a heathen language and should be stamped out.
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    A fact they have reluctantly recognised over the last 10 years.
    English is much more widely used than it was even 5 years ago, even in branding and routine advertising.
    The local Gendarmes now have English lessons (and practice on me at the shooting club - I think I'm the only English person they have ever met), and English has risen up the priority table in terms of uni entrances (at least in the couple of cases I'm familiar with), and is now obligatory to have.

    They still have issues understanding a cheese toastie though....
  10. One assumes not as the principal target though! Wordsmith retains that right, I believe.
  11. Manger du fromage singe rendu.