France has sent 3 Tiger HAP to Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by fantassin, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. According to a well informed defence journalist, the news that France will send 3 Tiger HAP and 2 Cougar helicopters to Afghanistan this summer has been released this morning by the French minister of Defence.

    This will be the first operational deployment of the Tiger. The 3 helos will come from the 5 RHC based in Pau, SW France.

    France already has 3 Caracal (EC-725 Mk II) and 3 Gazelle SA-342 in Afghanistan.

    Source in French:
  2. Phew!

    It'll all be over by Christmas now then..
  3. The Tiger is still a very new helicopter which still has to receive its full range of weapons. I think its 68 mm rockets are still being trialled and IIRC its Hellfire have yet to be validated in French service.

    Deploying so shortly after its admission into service is a major undertaking, esp. since it has never been sent anywhere before and the ALAT (French Army Avn) is working hard to make this happen.

    Here is a confirmation from another source:
  4. Any chance you can persuade the rest of Tigre users to also deploy to theatre.
  5. I think Australia also had plans to deploy some Tigers.

    Don't hold your breath about the Germans and the Spaniards....
  6. It's like saying "the British Army are sending all thier tanks to Kandahar" The British Army, at full strength (including reserves) could field 23 Armoured Regiments.It matters not that so called NATO allies are sending assets over, it's where they are sending them. I worked with a German Panzerbrigade and there were two of those in Afghanistan (2008) and they just stagged on on thier camp and did clearance patrols. As a Brigade, they had more; Armoured, Infantry, Artillery and Aviation than we could ever wish for. It doesn't matter because;

    1. No matter what a military alliance (eg, NATO) does, it is still the descision of the government of an individual country, what thier military does.
    2. Aviation assets (such as Attack Helicopters; Apache, Tiger etc.) are battle winning equipments[sic] but a battle only matters if it can help you win the war.
    3. You have to look at the situation in the same context as your average civvie would. The press report that our boys are coming home from Iraq after 8 years, a civvie with no connection or interest in the Armed Force could think that the same Brigade has been fighting in Iraq for 8 years. The French (sorry but this had to go in; who left NATO right in the middle of the cold war) are doing this for a publicity stunt. Brave French Currasiers can gon to war as long as none of them get killed.
    4. Tiger has never been proven (although I'd love for it to kick ARRSE and prove the point)
    5. Tiger has never been proven (although I'd love for it to kick ARRSE and prove the point)

    edited due to too much vodka!!
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  8. You've got me wrong there. I'm not trying to slag off the French forces, far from it in fact, I have a good friend in the Troupes de Marine. What I'm trying to say is that they are restricted in what they can actually acheive by thier government. We are (as NATO) lucky to have the French and Germans in Afghanistan at all. The problem comes from reluctance to conduct certain operations because of the unpopularity of the war back home.
  9. Eh?

    I run out of CR2s before I get to eight.
  10. The French forces in A-stan have practically no caveats. Do not put them in the same bag as the Germans who unfortunately for their soldiers, have a lot of caveats.
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  13. Are we counting CVRT as 'tanks'?
  14. my bad that should read 13 (with all cr2 plus the very few challenger and cheiftan in storage crewed by regular reservists)