France grows some balls????

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by predatorplus, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. For those who know me, will know that im always the first to spit when france comes into the conversation, as we all know france is full of frog eating garlic wearing nancies. Their war history is almost as bad as our football world cup history, in fact its worst as we won once.
    But! Watching the news last night and france has grown some balls, after years of flying the white flag of war, they have started talking the like they are up for a fight. :pissed: 8O

    but im left thinking "are they all talk?? ill plan my holiday to france after i see them shooting"
  2. They only said "prepare for war." They didn't say they'd fight .
  3. Ok having balls, but they need to get rid of that inherent yellow streak down their backs
  4. Bon Oeuf toute circulaire!
  5. Ha ha. You want to check your translations mate.

    It seems that France want some of the attention given to allies of "freedom lovers". Also, they see that they are being left behind by smaller EU states that are increasing their global standing by taking part in current ops.

    edited to add: Pay more attention to the use of gender in your French. Good effort 5/10
  6. in Frances book means make more white flags and don running shoes.

    Cheese eating surrender monkies.

    I've seen more fight in Mahatma Gandhi v Mother Teresa UFC death match.
  7. Quel (quelle) con!

  8. I doubt it. You can't trust the French anyway.

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  9. Q: Why are French country roads lined with tall trees?

    A: Because the German Army prefers to march in the shade.

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  10. No doubt France will do what it has always done......whatever is best for France.
  11. You've got to hate them for it... but you see the logic.
  12. And once the Iranian panzers are steaming under the Arc De Triomphe (contradiction in terms) they'll all be goosestepping a la Iranian stylee, capitulate and then it'll be deja'vu.
  13. Which side would you want to be on:

    1. Beside France - invading Iran?
    2. Beside Iran - invading France?

    Bit of a toughy that one. They are just suffering from the past 20 years of complaining about everyones Foreign Policy and Vetoing like there is no tommorrow, the result is - no bugger invites them to the discussion anymore. Poor Pierre, HA!