France & Greece put their countries First.

French do a multi billion deal to gain gas supplies from the Ghaddafi regime.....and to sell French hardware in exchange?

Greeks do a deal with Putin to buy 2 billion dollar's worth of APC's from Russia....again in exchange for gas supplies.

They are actually doing what they consider to be in the best interests of their respective countries.

Any chance that our gobment will start to think on the same lines?

ps:When a Frenchman or a Greek says, "One for all and all for one," obviously it was never intended to include NATO or even the poxy EU.
Basically good on the French and Greeks.

On the other hand,this and previous British governments can be relied on to shaft Britain,British industry and hard-working honest British people while at the same time doling out aid to corrupt African Marxist regimes,and allowing the entry into Britain hordes of useless and criminally-minded "asylum seekers".Not to mention placing massive contracts for more expensive foreign produced products at the behest of Brussels.

Do the French shaft their own indusrty? No.
Do the Germans shaft their own indusrty?No.
Do the Italians shaft their own indusrty?No.

Does the British government lift a finger to help their own industry?,er not often,then only if an election is approaching,and jobs are on the line in Labour constituancies.

Makes one proud to be British.Not.

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