France go it alone in Mali

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by re-stilly, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. The Frogs have intervened in Mali against Islamic rebels, linky I wonder how this will turn out or will they get sucked in to a long drawn out conflict.
  2. No, there will be a repeat of French Indo-China. They will get their arses kicked and pull out sharpish, leaving the spams to get involved in the long drawn out conflict which they will also lose.
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  3. On C4 news they were saying the Germans may send troops to back up the French if need be. Hope the French stuff garlic down the Islamist throats!!
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  4. Can't see the septics wanting to get involved in that, could see us ending up helping in some way though.
  5. The French have a long history of intervening in Africa - forget about Indo-China, the French Army is now all-regular, professional and competent, despite the adverse, ill-informed and derogatory comments posted here.
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  6. Which unit? FFL?
  7. Channel 4 News showed Hollande saying they were there for as long as it takes. Sure, we've heard that before (also from Brit and US leaders whose forces in Afghanistan are lacing up their Nikes as we speak) but it gave the impression they were there for more than just a quick hit and run.
  8. A tape recording of panzer sounds should have the white flags out PDQ.
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  9. Le Figaro website said about 45 mins ago that William Hague supports the French decision and that the Foreign Office is offering political support.

    We are watching this closely as the brother of my middle child's close friend was arrested in Bamako on Wednesday, we don't know why yet.
  10. Good for them, I hope they give Abdul a pasting, hopefully they wont have there hands tied behind there backs like the UK does.
  11. African wars mean African rules...
  12. Spears and sharpened Mango stones?
  13. Interesting to see France throwing its weight around in the last couple of years and their willingness to go it alone, good on 'em I say. They beat us out of the blocks on Libya and have had a more coherent policy ever since ie playing big boys rules to win contracts etc while we've been ****ing about with Women's Conferences.

  14. HMG will be treading carefully round Algeria. It regards Mali as it's backyard (in fact most of the sahara surrounding its borders) and there are rather large contracts for Merlin and Lynx (don't know version) being delivered to/serviced for Algiers - Yeovil must be kept busy!

    Problems in Bamako are more likely echoes from the coup and public order/protest related. Bambaras still predominate and tribal issues are very strong.
    One of the better proposed solutions to recapturing the north was supporting the secularist MNLA to do the hard yards against MUJAO & Ansar Dine (no doubt helped by lots of hirsute chaps called le bob and le dave ) - that kicked off all sorts of anti tuareg protests and then disappeared
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