France gets 17 General Offrs posn in NATO (Total 1267 pax)

It's been announced, France will get a total of 17 General Offrs positions in NATO, some permanently, some in rotation with other countries.

The UK has been particularly generous, offering to rotate no less than 4 of its NATO General Officers positions with France.

In total, France will get 25 stars (GBR has 26 and the USA 32,5)

Among others, France will get the following positions (in bracket the country it will rotate with if applicable)

CDR ACT Norfolk

CDR JFC Lisbon

DCOM JFC Brunssum (GBR)

DCOM Northwood

DCOM Izmir (TUR)

DCOS capabilities, plans and policies, SHAPE (GBR)

DCOS Force Readiness SHAPE (GBR)

SACEUR representative to the military committee

DCOS Knowledge Management JFC Brunssum (GBR)

And 10 other positions in Naples, Stavanger, Heidelberg.....

In total, France will go from having less than 200 pax in the NATO structure to 1267 by 2010.

Link (in French...)
Well that's NATO fúcked then.

Wait until NATO attempts to undertake a mission not in favour with the Hungarian dwarf living in the Elyse Palace: cue loads of NATO plans being leaked to the enemy and soldiers lives being betrayed. How many more planes will we loose?

From personal experience of dealing with French soldiers and officers, I have found the quality to be:

30% Great blokes who inspire confidence and loyalty.
30% People you wouldn't follow into a pub, let alone let them lead you into battle.
40% Untrustworthy backstabbing little cünts who would ignore the NATO Comd intent and obey orders from Paris and act in the immediate interests of France, even at the expense of the NATO mission.

(I confess that my experience is limited to 18 months working with the French military, and stopped in 2005.
Arai said:
fantassin said:
DCOM Northwood
WTF? - last time i looked PJHQ was a UK HQ
From the NATO website:

Allied Maritime Component Command Headquarters Northwood is based at Northwood in the United Kingdom and provides specialist Maritime expertise to the Joint Force Commander in Brunssum, The Netherlands.
Rotate? Oh silly me, job preservation for British Star Ranks.
And yet they wont provide their fair share in sunnier climes?

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