France deports rioters

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by semper, Feb 6, 2006.

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    im not normally a fan of the Frogs but this the way to go ! boot out any rioters and protestors against the British way of life, boot them back to Talibanistan/anystan they so love. :twisted:
    that should make them think twice about abusing our hospitality,

    if somebody comes into your house and starts abusing your hospitality you would chuck them out wouldn't you ?
  2. Very commendable indeed. But....any bets on how soon they rock up on our shores?
  3. Good quote though, where he suggests that those taken in by France should really do something "other than burn their neighbours cars".
  4. Quote

    "it's taking a little while, because this is a state based on the rule of law, but when you're taken in by France and you're not French you do something other than setting fire to your neighbours' cars".

    Or a version i would like to read

    "it's taking a while, because we are so far up our own backsides trying to be politically correct that we've completely missed the point, the point being that this is a state based on law and when you are taken in by Britain and you're not British you do something other than incite people to murder Britons "