France could access Australian military sites as countries look to boost ties

Another sign of the deepening of the Franco-Australian relationship, the ongoing negociations for a new defence agreement which would include access to Australian naval bases and military sites

The negotiations could elevate France’s defence relationship with Australia to second only behind the United States, which has a rotational force of about 2500 Marines deployed in Darwin.


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Offer them NZ, they'll love that.


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Why does Australia have a force of 2500 US Marines deployed in Darwin?

It was originally much smaller but it evolved.
Nuke trials are a thing of the past and Australia sees France for what it is: a permanent member of the UNSC, a nuclear power, an Asia and Pacific land owner and the world's largest EEZ.

There are worst choices of allies.
Americans generally are. It's what they do to the local prices that causes night sweats among those who have to live there.

Bad Smell

I hear what you are saying but the NT is expensive enough as it is and the visitors don't really get that much opportunity to socialise with the locals. What with the grog being a bit stronger than they are used to. In all my visits to the NT I have never seen one in public.

The decision to let them into the country in the first place was politically sensitive at the time and the US does not want to spoil the relationship. The only time I have seen them out in public after an exercise was in a pub/nightclub at Rockhampton during Ex-Talisman Sabre. We were having post exercise drinks and they turned up for a night out. A big well behaved mob and one lit up a cigar which did not last long as you can no longer smoke inside pubs.

I realise that some people may think of Oz as a third world country but I don't think we are that bad .... yet.