France considers return to NATO command

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by fantassin, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. France considers return to NATO command

    PARIS (AFP): France has raised the possibility of rejoining NATO's military command after a 40-year absence, signalling what could be one of the biggest foreign policy changes in decades.

    Defence Minister Herve Morin gave a keynote speech that confirmed President Nicolas Sarkozy's ambition to strengthen France's role in the Atlantic Alliance.

    Since taking power in May, Sarkozy has underscored the importance of the Franco-American relationship, and stressed that Europe's fledgling defence system should not compete with the 26-member NATO.

    Rest of the article to be found there:

    The movement has already started with dozen of French officers and NCOs being posted to different NATO HQs such as Mons, Stavanger, Lisbon, Naples, Norfolk etc.
  2. Encouraging. Perhaps we could soon see some French troops moving into Helmand?
  3. As they say up here in Jockland, "Haud me back!"

    Nah, to be fair I've always had a sneaking respect for the professional part of the French Army (don't anyone throw that back at me later, now). If they were prepared to get stuck in, we'd be better off for it.

    However, the same could be said for the Bundeswehr...
  4. fantassin,

    What's in it for France? What's in it for Sarkozy? What will happen to the French independent nuclear option? Won't this allow the US to put pressure on the French government to give up her colonies?

    Up is down, left is right, black is white, cats and dogs are living together, no no no, this isn't right, this isn't right at all!
  5. Hooray!

    I don't know about you lot, but I'd breathe a huge sigh of relief if they did come back. The French are just what NATO needs to turn it around from being a pointless, ineffectual talking shop that no longer serves any practical purpose.
  6. Are you suggesting a Frenchman could add credability :?
  7. There are already far too many French within the NATO Structure. Their only posible reason for wanting a voting seat in the Military Commitee is political. They would not provide any added value simply another and posibly diverse opinion.

    Don't let them ever forget Waterloo - they lost!
  8. The French have a huge armed forces compared to the UK. As our own overstretched, meagre but highly professional force dwindles away, this is just what NATO needs
  9. No wah.

    They're actually similar to one another in numbers I believe (army at least)

    French Army personnel:


    British Army personnel:

    Reserves (TA) :


    (apologies for using Wiki,I'm feeling lazy)
  10. The only certain thing about the French is their uncertainty! They will bring only confusion, we have not needed them for the time during which they were not in the full NATO Commoand, NATO has huge difficulty finding conscencus with the existing 26 Nations and have only jst stated seeing the woods for the trees in the latest PE review. Adding France will just set us back further, their position on both Iraq and Afghanistan is to be abnti intervention . Just where is any potential (let alone real) benefit? I know that there are charming individuals and talk a good military story, how effective are they ? ask the Germans!!
  11. Even if France comes back to the integrated command structure, don't hold your breath; the French army is currently bracing for a new set of cuts; the format of the British army is often quoted as a possible comparison with the Army losing up to about 30,000 men in order to reach a strength of about 100,000.

    The Air force is expecting to close 4 to 7 bases and the current defence minister has twice in the past week publicly criticized the inadequacy of the hi tec Rafale fighter on the current lo tec battlefield...Dassault, the builder of the Rafale can't believe its ears !

    Finally, the French navy is realising that getting a second carrier will probably cost her about 10-12 frigates..

    We'll see in about a year or so but the prospect is, I reckon, bleak because Sarko, unlike Chirac, isn't interested in Defence matters, just in saving money.