France-Britian defense partnership

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by damian, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. i have no political know how but watching this on the news and reading about this i was wondering if someone out there could shed some light, in laymans terms, what this actually means for british troops and what they will be doing in the future in terms of working with france?
  2. Fine wine on operations and new exotic places to be bombed.....
  3. Two weeks in Carcassonne or Sennybridge?

    That's a tough one.
  4. wine rations and blowing pieces off africa seemed to be what people were suggesting.. is this actually going to be of benifit?
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  6. defense?

    You'll be using capital letters next!
  7. Apologies for my shite spelling :)
  8. Joint exercises on the beaches of Collioure...topless sunbathers, sunshine, fort with sea views, fine wine and dining.
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  10. Wine with some meals, but, contrary to all expectations, French Army food can border on the inedible. In Bosnia and Kosovo les soldats grabbed any opportunity to eat at British (or Italian) cookhouses. Mind you, I agree that a winter exercise at Collioure or Biarritz could have its attractions ...
  11. The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers will be required to remove the red top from their hackles , for fear of "upsetting" the French and all battle honours won against them by all regiments will have to be removed as well.
    Just joking , of course , but then some muppet in either the MoD of the Foreign Office will read this and take it up as his good idea towards the new relationship
  12. Ask a Frenchman how they would defend Paris from any type of attack - they would not know because they have never defended the place!
  13. Yes, a country who's population have the 'benifit' of being taught English.
  14. According to the well informed Secret Defense blog, the shared FRA/UK nuclear facility would cost between 500 and 700 million euros.

    The new research facility on nuclear weapons, the creation of which was announced Tuesday, November 2 at the Franco-British summit, will cost "several hundred million euros", according to our information. The price could be between 500 and 700 million euros and will be shared half by France and the United Kingdom. This investment will be spread over ten years and the facility is to enter service in 2022. For the French budget, the cost could be around 30 million per year.

    This facility, called Epure is a radiography system,

    Nucléaire : l'installation franco-britannique coûtera "plusieurs centaines de millions" d'euros

    (In French)