France and EU law

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Kitmarlowe, Oct 3, 2010.

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  1. This little piece in the Telegraph The expulsion of the Roma offers a lesson to Britain - Telegraph offered something interesting in the comments field. It appears that Our Glorious Leaders have been lying to us over the "Unlimited" EU freedom of movement. Have a look at

    Article 7, para 1. Read from there

    Strangly enough this EU Directive was passed in April 2006 and has yet to be adopted by the UK Government.

    I may suggest that Are your MPs and Peers working for you in the UK's Parliament? Hansard++ is your next stop
  2. Article 11's the most interesting one there:

    "Persons exercising their right of residence should not, however, become an unreasonable burden on the social assistance system of the host Member State during an initial period of residence. Therefore, the right of residence for Union citizens and their family members for periods in excess of three months should be subject to conditions."

    I think the reason that Labour didn't sign this into law is because it would have radically interfered with their policy of uncontrolled mass immigration.
  3. Article 11 gives guidelines on the validity of residency cards, nothing about benefits there.
  4. Para 2

    "2. Without prejudice to the second subparagraph, the Union citizen's death shall not entail loss of the right of residence of his/her family members who are not nationals of a Member State and who have been residing in the host Member State as family members for at least one year before the Union citizen's death.
    Before acquiring the right of permanent residence, the right of residence of the persons concerned shall remain subject to the requirement that they are able to show that they are workers or self-employed persons or that they have sufficient resources for themselves and their family members not to become a burden on the social assistance system of the host Member State during their period of residence and have comprehensive sickness insurance cover in the host Member State, or that they are members of the family, already constituted in the host Member State, of a person satisfying these requirements. ‘Sufficient resources’ shall be as defined in Article 8(4)."

    The words "not to become a burden on the social assistance system" is the clue. I take that. and I think most people would, to mean benefits since that's pretty much the only social assistance system that is run in the UK. Trying to claim otherwise is mere word play

    Article 14 repeats the requirement. After 5 years the Directive grants full residence rights, including one would assume, all the benefits of living in that Country. The right to benefits is conditional, and requires you to show that you can support yourself for a given length of time. "are able to show that they are workers or self-employed persons or that they have sufficient resources for themselves and their family members not to become a burden on the social assistance system" black and white. Game, Set and Match.

    Completely and utterly unlike the current approach where every idle ****** in the EU can rock up and demand benefits without ever paying a penny and never pay a penny.
  5. "Not being an unreasonable burden on the social assistance system" is the clearest reference to benefits in the entire document!

    I think, had that been incorporated into UK law, we wouldn't have the medium- and long-term effects of mass immigration: that is, thousands of recently-arrived immigrants who couldn't find a job having to sign on to survive, and then discovering the cushy handout lifestyle as a result.
  6. They are Frogs,They will use the laws that suit them, whilst still ignoring those that don't.
    Ces't la vie mon braves!
  7. Article 11 in it's entirety:-

    Article 11
    Validity of the residence card
    1. The residence card provided for by Article 10(1) shall be valid for five years from the date of issue or for the envisaged period of residence of the Union citizen, if this period is less than five years.

    2. The validity of the residence card shall not be affected by temporary absences not exceeding six months a year, or by absences of a longer duration for compulsory military service or by one absence of a maximum of 12 consecutive months for important reasons such as pregnancy and childbirth, serious illness, study or vocational training, or a posting in another Member State or a third country.

    Now, I read that as not mentioning benefits, if you are going to quote, at least quote the right parts.KM, Para 2 as quoted by you is from Article 12, Retention of the right to residency.
  8. I blame that slacker Hitler for all this.
  9. Bottom line is that the Euro Court can do nothing other than expel France. They're not going to do that so the French can safely raise two fingers to the court.

    We don't have many Roma - yet. Although I did hear of a 14 year old Roma girl in London who had been arrested over 200 times for pick pocketing and shop lifting. Those who have been expelled from France and Italy are, apparently, headed our way to the land where the streets are paved with Giros. Get ready to celebrate diversity.
  10. As I mentioned a few times before, everyone else does this......We all just thought the UK was a bit "slow"....
  11. Three cheers to the Froggies, and the Spaghettis. Of all the Frogs and Spaghettis I have met – and there have been a fair few during almost 25 years of coach driving – I can`t honestly say I`ve ever met a really obnoxious one! Such buggers are certainly out there somewhere, but I haven`t run into them yet. And, because the border with Frogland is only some 10 miles or so away, I also make a monthly shopping trip over there – the Fatherland doesn`t have a monopoly on good foods!

    But talking EU law and all that, what intrigues me is how the basic "reporting procedure" is seemingly being circumvented. Surely all EU countries have much the same sort of system?

    When I first moved to the Fatherland in `84 I had to provide proof of employment, meaning, proof that I had a regular income to support myself. I was then given a residence permit for initially 5 years. 5 years later I`d married a local lass and was now self-employed – the residence permit was thereupon changed over to a permanent one. I`d rather not try and add up how much I`ve paid into the system over the years, but I do know how much I have taken out of it: not one Pfennig!

    So the big question has to be, how do these "itinerants" manage to get in in the first place? When they are in, do they not have to report in to the local town hall/Rathaus/Hotel de Ville or whatever and let someone know they are there, just like everybody else has to do? Surely, if this basic procedure hasn`t been followed they are there illegally. If they are there illegally, then sod the €300,- "go-away money", just turf `em out using yer steel-toecapped size 10s.

    Sure, but It`s not as if we left him in peace and quiet to get on with the job!
  12. The Danes deported "within hours" some British demonstrators for assaulting a police officer and criminal damge at the Copenhagen climate change conference last year. We wont even deport EU rapists etc.
    The Germans have it well sorted.

    In Germany there is a constitutional court which allows the 16 German Länder to opt out of European rules of which they do not approve. The German Realschulen, for example, which offer a first-rate training for future German engineers, including provision of apprenticeships, have been told they do not need to follow the EU apprenticeship health and safety rules.

    Why can’t the British have a Parliamentary select committee to review European health and safety and other proposed rules and determine whether we will be enforcing them?

  13. Haven't we already got our very own home grown version in our Southern neighbours from the Emerald Isle. Surely the original Caravan Using Nomadic TravellerS must have technically settled in a foreign country.
    I can't see they have contributed too much apart from some very dodgy tarmaced drives, a good bit of thievery and keeping numerous council clean up teams busy?
  14. Because, unlike Germany, our parliament was and is full of ex council and union nobodies hoping for a future in the EU trough once the game is up in the UK
  15. A number of MPs, and not just the Tory right's pantheon of evil, have expressed concern at the way Euro law is being rubber stamped by Westminster. IIRC one third of UK legislation now originates in Europe. It often gets little or no scrutiny before it magically appears on UK statute books.

    Hence we get abortions like the European Arrest Warrant. UK citizens are extradited on demand to face trials without lawyers or interpreters and using evidence that is beaten out of "witnesses". Who scrutinised the EAW legislation before doing a cut and paste straight in to English Law?