France and EC push for Palestinians to get £23m blocked aid

Is it wise to offer this aid in order to reach out to hammas in the hope they will reform, or will it be seen as a sign of weakness by the west (at least in the eyes of hamas)???

France and the European Commission are leading a diplomatic drive to unblock £23 million in EU funding for the Palestinian Authority, without waiting for Hamas to renounce violence or recognise Israel.

Senior French officials said their government wanted the money freed immediately, and handed over in one block, as part of a strategy of reaching out to Hamas.

France hopes that the Islamist group's stunning victory in the Palestinian legislative elections may prompt Hamas to change into a responsible partner.

The French-led plan has exposed divisions within the EU about how best to respond to Hamas, which remains on the EU's list of banned terrorist organisations.

Diplomats said the issue will be the subject of fierce debate at a meeting of all 25 EU foreign ministers today.

They expressed concerns that - though the money would be handed to the caretaker government led by the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, not to the future, Hamas-led government - most factions would see it as "money for Hamas".

That view was underlined last night when Tzipi Livni, Israel's acting foreign minister, said that Mr Abbas was no longer "relevant" following the Hamas victory.

Britain has yet to decide whether to oppose, or support, the delivery of the money - which would be the first EU funds to reach the authority since the Hamas victory.
I suspect it will be seen as fawning weakness and appeasement. Those that live and prosper by violence seem to me to respond more to strength than reason. But i could well be wrong, and i think with the palestinisan elections it wasn't Hamas wot won it, it was Fatah wot lost it, by being corrupt and generally useless, so maybe there will be pressure from within Palestine for hamas to become more moderate.
Why is the EU giving this money (foreign aid) when its own member countries need help and they say they need more tax money for objectives?
Dzerzhinskiey said:
If it helps the Palestinian people that live in some of the poorest conditions in the world then it cant be a bad thing. Hamas have done a lot of community work, building schools and hospitals etc-thats why they won the democratically held election. Surely they will use most of that money in the same way?
But they have also used that community work to effectively buy the vote of the people and to 'educate' the population in their belief that Isreal must be destroyed and the west as being the great satan..

Reminds me Of Pablo Escobar and Numerous other terrorist organisations.
Why bother anything they build the israels will bomb and they wont be grateful if we do give them aid .