France 31 England 6

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by countdokku, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. Can't...type...internal injuries...from laughing so

    Vive La France!
  2. If only the french had put as much effort into repelling the germans...!
  3. Well done you much be the only Frenchman on ARRSE?
  4. Vive La Belle Alliance!
    PS: I think the Count is Scottish. I know I am.
  5. PPS: We p1ssed all over the team that just p1ssed all over you!
  6. Yep, trust a Porridge wog to side with the surrender monkies.

    We got stuffed....... we at no stage in teh game deserved to win.

    Time to have a massive rethink if we as returnign World cup winner wnat to stand a chance next time.
  7. How did scotland get on in the last World Cup?
  8. Let the Jocks have some fun. Must admit a couple of years ago I bought a Brazil top for the first game of the world cup because my missus at the time was a jock I know this has nothing to do with rugby
  9. Absolute Arrse, There's only one thing worse than being seeing your national side being beaten in a sport you know they can excel in....and that is seeing them being beaten by France!

    I don't support England often, but against the Argies or the French, they have my vote.
    At least they didn't gift the French every try with intercepted passes and charged down kicks. I have to wait another two years before Ireland can give the dirty frogs good pasting in Paris.
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Some needed steps.

    1. Get rid of Robinson - he ain't what you can call an inspirational coach. Great backroom guy but not a leader with ideas.

    2. Slim the forwards down to those that can handle a ball rather than the auto mindset to simply set up yet another ruck/maul. What use is all that extra weight if you don't have the ability to run with the ball? It was like looking at the 80s packs today - awful.

    3. Start looking at some way to get the backs to run with the ball. When are the wings actually going to get the ball in hand going forward at speed?

    4. Speed up the ball coming from rucks/mauls. So slow its ridiculous. French and Scots were given so much time to set up defensively.

    Ain't going to do much until then against anyone with a bit of class. Ireland last game? My money won't be on Engeland
  11. All good stuff, may require some fresh people in the game to take this forward though. Professionalism has in some respects actually slowed down the ability to produce fresh players. Re-building is what is required, tinkering around will only re-inforce failure.
  12. Oh dear! What a complete shambles! I've rarely seen England play so badly, they deserved to lose.
    I can't understand why they were in such rag-order, though. I've seen better pub teams.

    (Still, at least the Irish team did us proud!)

  13. Oh did Ireland win and no-one gloat??
  14. Is that the best you can do? you got beat fair and square by a team that committed less errors than England. Scotland lost against Ireland I think its about time they stopped using southern hemisphere refs i honestly thought the ref spoilt any cohesion by being too officious he was looking for the players 3" offside, and it seemed to me(probably i am biased) only punishing Scotland for coming in from the side. etc. I said elsewhere for the welsh game they had a good Ref in that Frenchman( that hurt to say as well).. but even tho it is 2 weeks since we did beat you, i might as well gloat as you expect all of us too...

    :wink: :wink:
  15. I'm Scottish but there is no way I want to see the french win anything. In fairness I think a decent Army side would of given England a good run for their money today, they were dire. Mind you, they would still of trounced the Navy.