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I'm getting married this year, and I'm after a couple of photo frames to give to the mothers as presents on the day. The idea is to have them engraved with some suitably-mushy detail, the date, and whatever else, and have a picture of the lovely bride, and me, stuck in it once everything's processed.

On the assumption that there's always someone on ARRSE who can hook you up with whatever you're after, I'm putting some feelers out to see if anyone here sells (or knows someone who sells) photo frames and suchlike. We're currently looking for something in Sterling Silver that's "engraveable" (i.e. relatively plain, maybe with some detail) but I'm open to opinion. If you know a good place to look, or indeed are a purveyor of such goods, please let me know!
Given that most of your photos are going to be taken on digital cameras, why not go for a digital photo frame. That way they get a record of the whole day and you could always include a "mushy" jpeg message as one of the pictures.




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88, the parents are old-fashioned and will want "proper" pictures from the photographer; canvas and the like. Thanks for the link, stacked, I'll have a look!

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