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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. Just to clarify im just looking for a framework, as in what exercises/muscles to focus on what days (run this day, swim the next etc), the sets/reps part i can go find myself.

    At the moment work is winding down with projects ending and im about to get a fair bit of free time on my hands so plan to spend it getting fitter. At present my fitness is good and can easily do CFTs and BPFA (yeah basic i know), but running is a weakness so im looking to increase my stamina and general fitness for now. Im currently doing MMA twice a week on sundays and wednesdays, and due to other commitments saturdays and sundays are write offs for other phys.

    So what do the gurus recommend i fit into the other days bearing in mind i can spare a good chunk of time to this? I know this has been asked a million times but its fitting it around MMA that i wasnt sure about in picking up a previous post.
  2. Just curious, but what has Motor Milage Allowance got to do with fitness?

    What is your goal? Is it running a marathon? Or doing a triathlon? Or just getting fitter?
  3. WAHHH

    Aim is to get all round fitter with the the added bonus of weight loss in the process but not a major factor. Since ive got the time the plan is to get as fit as possible.
  4. You could try running at 80%-88% your max heart rate for 30 mins. Try to stay at the upper end, if maintained for a period of time at a 2-3 times a week frequency will improve your fitness. Though I must add it will be painful and require a lot of determination :)
    What about pull-ups? Google Stew Smith and pull-ups for some good tips.
    Gymnastics? I know to some it may sound "gay" but the payoff for your upper body from working on the pommel horse and rings, if done properly is fantastic.
    You thought of doing some deadlifts,squats and lunges to strengthen your lower body?
    Have a look at Pilates too. If you can go to one that has the machines (reformer etc,google it :) ) all the better. Just doing Mat work will not provide as great an improvement as the two combined. I would look at professional dance schools. The Pilates teachers will be better trained and have a lot of experience when compared to your 1 week worth of instruction mat-work pilates instructor at your local gym.
    Good luck with whatever you choose to do :)
  5. Great idea for exercises, but how to structure them best through my week so im not knackering myself by using the same muscles 2 or 3 days in a row?
  6. Run every other day, and swim in between. Muscle training is simple, do it every day, but on different areas of the body. I would advise, because its what works for me, doing upper body on a running day, and lower body on a swimming day. I'm sure you know all the diet stuff, and you're gonna have to accept that you won't beef up alot early, as you're gonna have to lose some weight before you start gaining muscle. Hope that helps!
  7. Thanks dhgrainger1 I was thinking it would be as simple as that but wasnt sure. So treat MMA as a weights work out or as a supplemental alongside the others?
  8. I'm afraid I have no idea what MMA is so am not able to answer that question!
  9. MMA is mixed martial arts like in UFC.
  10. MMA = Mixed Martial Arts; a full-contact combat sport in which fighters can punch, kick, elbow, knee and grapple with each other. Mixed Martial Artists can also strike their opponent while they are on the ground.

    One of the fastest-growing sports in the world. :)
  11. Fair enough, it sounds pretty aerobic, and if it's low impact (which ironically combat sports usually are), then do it on the days you're not running. Don't count it as a weights session though!
  12. There's nothing wrong with doing aerobic workout 5 -6 days a week with a full body weights workout 3 days a week. Just make sure you eat; a lot! I'd substitute body combat or whatever for a light day.

    Best thing to do is to set out your goals - is it stamina; strength; overall fitness or whatever.

    If it was strength; I'd have that as the focus and work AROUND that. Say, set 3 days of the week for full body compounds: Mon Wed Fri. I'd also aim to do light cardio afterwards e.g a pool session. I'd make Tues and Thurs a decent running session and Sat Body Combat or wahtever it is.

    If it's overall fitness with strength as a by-product; I'd run first then look to lift in the evening ideally and have 5 days of running, running and more running. I'd probably do a longer tempo run on the weights days and then on the run only days I'd do a decent interval session and maybe hit the pool if time permitted. Say Mon 3milers + weights, Tue 400m intervals x 8, Wed 4 miler + weights, Thur Hill intervals and pool session; Fri 3 miler or 5 miler and weights. Sat REST. Sun Body Combat or light pool session. Pool intervals are also great for overall fitness and strength.

    Lay out your goals and work with them. Bearing in mind, you shouldn't lift immediately after cardio as your muscles will be depleted, but I find my running isn't 100% quality if I've already lifted. Just some food for thought.
  13. Some good pointers from previous posters. When you construct your program you should be looking to include rest. So a hard run session followed by a heavy leg session is not a good thing.
    I would run five to six times a week, break the sessions down to 2-3 tempo runs (80-88%), one distance run (2 building up to three times the distance you are training for), one quality interval session ( but use it for what it is intended for i.e to increase running speed) and one or two easy runs.
    For strength training go the whole body compound route. Look to squats,deadlifts,lunges,pull ups,press ups, burpees, seated row and if you want I have a really great stabiliser exercise/strength exercise I can link to for your shoulders. If you plan to use gymnastics,treat them as your upper body workout but with all the control you will have to learn these quickly turn into whole body compound moves. 2-3 lower and 2-3 upper body sessions would work.
    Pilates would be something you would maybe do 2 times a week in a class and then practise some moves at home on the other days. You will really need to speak to a pilates instructor to help integrate this into your training.
    You should also look to periodize your training, so some parts of the year you concentrate on strength, others on endurance and altering your sets & reps accordingly.Though as a soldier you need to be at a high level in all parts on a constant basis and can not really build up as such. There is a technique which will help build and maintain your fitness across all areas ( strength ,endurance etc) without the need to periodize.It seems to use one session a week for endurance,another for strength and is something I am moving over too.I will post a link when I can find one or give you some details on books that might help.
    Strange one there MC in theory the lifting should help your running while the running will totally screw your lifting.
    As MC has said,first decide on your goals then plan the training round it,do not over train and remember no matter how fit and well we eat we will still die. So do not let it take over your life!
  14. More interval work, but for 2 hours on and off.

    I would agree on the low impact to the joints, but some MMS stuff can be quite jarring and lead to longer term problems (example, getting slammed can do a number to your lower back).

    I would say depending on level of strength and fitness ability, MMA could be counted as a strength:endurance session (constantly lifting a 80kg-100kg person can be quite taxing).
  15. When I'm at home, I fit my training into three x one hour slots, five days a week. And one x three to six hour slot on the weekend.
    0700 - 0800
    1730 - 1830
    2330 - 0030

    In these slots I alternate between.
    Rowing machine

    I rotate these disciplines in a fairly random pattern, making sure I repeat each one twice in a five day cycle.
    Of those that are repeated three times within five days, I space them at the beginning, middle and end of the week.
    The weekend session is either a three hour run or sea swim, or six hour bimble over the hills, if I have time.

    Obviously, the logistics are crucial. Fitting this schedule around a busy work/social life, and making sure theres always a bag with clean clothes, gym/swim/wash kit and towels in the boot, and eating properly, is the tricky bit.