Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Group_Captain_Mandrake, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. If anyone could help with recovery times for these fractures it would be very much appreciated. Severe beasting avoided if lucky...

  2. Very difficult to answer as depends upon:
    Bone suffering the injury
    Degree of comminution etc
    Age of patient and other diseases

    In the case of compound (now normally called open) fractures further delayed by the soft tissue injury, whether plastic surgery is needed to gain coverage and what type of flap is needed.
    eg Open Fracture of distal phalanx of finger, with nail bed injury = nail bed repair under local anaesthetic in A&E, home, oral antibiotics, no splinting required. Fit for desk work in a week or two.

    Open fracture of tibia/fibula with grade III injury = multiple operations, 6 months to a year for union of fracture, possibility of amputation.

    For a standard closed fracture in a fit adult with good alignment and position that can be treated conservatively (in a plaster) looking at 6 weeks plus, until strong enough to not need cast, gentle return to exercise after, no contact sports.

    In other words- can't answer the question in general terms - who set it for you?
  3. It is not possible to precisely estimate the time that it will take for a fracture to heal. A rough estimate is:

    most upper limb fracture repair completely in 6-8 weeks
    lower limb fractures take twice as long
    children take half as long
    add 25% if the fracture involves the femur or is not spiral

    depends on patient co-operation,nutrition,immobilisation
  4. not sure if it helps but i fractured my scapula was cast for 8wks think gen time is btween 6-12wks although u then have physio all in all bout 24wks id say fella like ur last posts though it dpends on the individual ie; how fit how they heal that sort of thing
  5. Fcuking hell you had a sh*t day if you have had all that happen to you :wink:
  6. I was lucky enough to avoid having such a shit say. i realise it's a bit of a generalisation but thanks for the help anyway. Just got to prepare a presentation and needed some stats
  7. I'm not sure of the medical terms but i broke my arm, near to the wrist, i think it was through the actual joint part of the outer bone. Plaster was off in six weeks but now, nearly a year later its still hurts and i only have about 60% of the movement left.