Fractured Hand and RCB:?:


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Didnt know if this was the right forum to put this in but seems more of a health question than a RCB one...

Around 3 weeks ago i fractured the metacarpal on my right hands ring finger, it's feeling better now but im still not sure whether it would stand up to the general strain of press-ups, going over walls and rope milarky. How can I sort my hand out so I can do this stuff without feeling the need to scream? Would supports/painkillers help?

Also, if anyone has a special magical power to heal bones instantly...
Go to your ACIO and speak to them, if ness get your RCB date moved, DO NOT start taking pain killers just get through, start this early and it will become habit forming

Don't f**k your chances up over something like this, they will not bin you if you delay, but they might if you fail the tests
Went through the Board with a lass who broke her rib during the command task, don't know if she passed, but she continued. I reckon that showed grit, but that happened during RCB. Going in with an injury is just asking for trouble. It's already on your mind, RBC's bad enough without worring about that all the time.
after 3 weeks - the answer is NO - it won't stand up to that sort of thing!! You can try strengthening things up again using a stress ball or something!! Usual advice is that it takes about 6 weeks to heal properly and even then its still not full strength!!


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Thanks for all the advice - as it panned out the lady at RCB told me that i should come down and give it a go, which i did, but then was sent back straight thing monday morning.

Will be sorting out RCB later on in the year, when my hands all fixed.

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