Fracking & earthquakes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AT55, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. I understand that if shale oil and gas fracking is given the go-ahead then Blackpool may be destroyed by earthquakes. Can any members come up with other pluses in relation to fracking?
  2. Cheaper gas? It's doubtful though it'll probably be loads of profit for a foreign company. The consumer never wins.
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  3. I'm inclined to agree. When they first came along with nuclear energy, electricity was going to be "too cheap to meter". Never happened, even when the power supply was in the hands of the nation. That was before the massive cost of decommissioning had been factored in, as well.

    So even less likely when profits and shareholders are brought into the equation.
  4. With a bit of luck the Irish sea will open up and Ireland will sink into gaping hole that is created.
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  5. Gas increases about 10% each year but Mr Cameron was going to sort that, yeah right. My super efficient combi boiler cost very little to run 20 years ago, strangely it's now termed a gas guzzler.
  6. Coming from Blackpool, I suspect you dont appreciate the pain us Blackpudlians (or sandgronians) have to put up with to protect 90% of the UK from the scottish, gays, chav stag and hen parties.

    We have a ring of decent pubs around the town centre, the rest we sacrifice on behalf of England to soak up *****.

    As far as fracking, my company does that here in Aus, the earthquake myths are bollocks, does anyone really believe humans can create Earthquakes or that 'shale' is holding our tectonic plates together??

    FFS - its another fossil fuel we can exploit, I personally find the fact we can rape the earth for another product without replacing it sickening, until we are theatened with the lack of rape victims, we will never invest in sustainable alternatives.
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  7. love Blackpool me, used to work in Dixies and Maggie Mays on central pier...happy days
  8. By dixies do you mean the electrical wholesales place?

    What was the nightclub on Central Pier known as when 'Raving' was cool and white doves were de rigeur........
  9. Fracking is causing serious problems to some Central European economies - coal production for heat generation is now uneconomic so maybe Ostrava might not have so much pollution in the future if the rumours of coal mines closing goes ahead and the power stations convert to gas. Of course 17,000 miners not feel so happy...

    However, I understand that the Russians are also deeply unhappy as fracking means that their gas products have serious cheaper competition.
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  10. Dixies was a double glass door at front of Central Pier and you had to walk upstairs to it, massive place. Raving was never cool though!!
  11. No problems with Fracking per se, however as Jarrod has alluded to we won't feel the benefit and certain areas of beauty might end up irrevocably fooked. Including the area where I live.
    Not a NINBY I just happen to have a friend in the states that lived near a fracking operation iin a lovely spot. Now he doesn't live there and it is not a lovely spot anymore.
    States have benafitted from lower energy costs though.
  12. I wonder if British consumers have ever benefitted from any of our investments?
  13. Eastern European coal producers have been living on borrowed time for a while. Most of our pits in the 80's were the dogs B's regarding efficiency and quality yet they were uneconomic then. (awaits backlash). Stand by for Czech mining towns turning into smack centres of excellence.
    Regarding Russia, anything that reduces our dependence on them is a good thing.
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  14. I thought we were going to ret a return on our Iraq invasion...I mean liberation through their oil per say
  15. You know what thought did...