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1/10: Future Reserves 2020 Study (FR20)


• In announcing the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) on 19 October 2010, the Prime Minister commissioned a six month review of the Reserve Forces. It will be known as the Future Reserves 2020 Study (FR20).

• The Prime Minister appointed Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nicholas Houghton to lead the study, supported by Julian Brazier TD MP.

• FR20 will be a fundamental review of the Reserve Forces role and structure.

• The study will be organised in three phases and will announce its findings in summer 2011.


1. In announcing the SDSR on 19 October 2010 the Prime Minister commissioned a review of the Reserve Forces to ensure that MOD makes the most efficient use of Reservist skills, experience and capabilities. VCDS, Gen Sir Nicholas Houghton KCB ADC Gen will lead the review, supported by Julian Brazier TD MP who has been appointed as his deputy.

2. The Reserves Steering Group, suitably augmented by subject matter experts, met on Monday 8 November, to establish the approach, scope, methodology and reporting timelines. VCDS outlined the need to explore the future role and structures of the Reserve Forces properly; ensuring that members take a holistic view of the Reserves and employ the same intellectual context that informed the SDSR. The Study will be known as the Future Reserves 2020 Study (FR20). The Study's reference point will be the Future Force Structure 2020 (FF20) and it will explore the role of the Reserves as part of the Whole Force Concept. The Whole Force Concept is a means to man a balanced force structure, comprising of Regular and Reserve Personnel, contractors and civilians, optimised to meet Defence's requirements.

3. FR20 will be organised into three phases. In Phase One, the Study will develop a common understanding of the context in which Reserves will be used in future and define the strategic principles around which the balance between Regular and non-Regular manpower should be designed. Phase Two will focus on Reserve Force structures needed to complement the Regular Force and meet operational requirements. Later in Phase Three, the Study will develop a detailed concept and outline plan for the implementation of new single-Services Reserves' structures. The Study will take six months to complete and MOD is expected to announce its findings in summer 2011.

4. A strong case exists for reviewing whether our Reserve Forces are properly structured for the type of conflict expected in the future. FR20 will look closely at the future roles and structures of the Reserves out to the year 2020 and beyond. Reservists' skills and capabilities will be at the forefront while moving towards a more efficient structure. A key aspect of the review will be to examine how other countries use and structure their Reserve Forces and what lessons the UK might apply. FR20 is also committed to ensuring the Reservist experience will remain valuable and high quality for Defence, the individuals and their employers.

5. Julian Brazier TD MP, the Member of Parliament for Canterbury and Whitstable, has direct experience of the Reserves, having served as a Territorial Army officer for thirteen years, six of them with Airborne forces. He also brings with him a large amount of experience from a long and varied political career, holding numerous positions, including Shadow Minister for Trade and International Development in 2003 and more recently, Shadow Transport Minister with responsibility for aviation and shipping
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