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Discussion in 'Officers' started by rjh15, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. Ok,
    So from the responses to my previous post I cannot afford the HCav so my thoughts turn to another FR regiment.
    My main sports are hunting and polo and I live in Somerset. I have no family ties to the military and thus no allegiance to any regiment.

    What are the characteristics/stereotypes of the other FR regiments (QDG, LD, 9/12th I believe)

    I will be joining Sandhurst in September 07

    Many thanks
  2. QDG - militantly Welsh, not good for a Somerset man...

    LD - very, very, very short soldiers...easily lost in long grass, not good for cavalry officers with maps...

    9/12th - it is either cavalry or not cavalry; fractions don't count...
  3. Ah, the last of the vulgar fractions...
  4. Both LD and 9/12th used to play Polo- rather well. Don't know at the moment.
  5. Wouldn't a vulgar fraction be if the top integer was larger than the bottom integer?

    :D :D
  6. No, that would be quite improper!
  7. You could always try the RLC, after all, we're army champions at most sports, ever expanding and will survive the next round of defence cuts, unlike the FR regiments!
  8. Surely they are either proper or top heavy, just like any tits.
  9. QRL are now FR as well and a thoroughly nice bunch they are.