FR regiment new career streams.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by paveway_3, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Do any of you FR blokes have any idea when the new career stream comes into play?I have been told that its been coming in for the last few years yet still no date.I am refering to FAC adding to the current D+M,SIGS and GUNNERY RAC career streams that are currently in service. Cheers in advance.
  2. That would make too much sense, along with a support trooper career stream.
  3. PW3. After being looked at favourably for a while, I believe that the RAC Headshed's decision was to not to add a FAC career stream. This was due to there being no 'long' course associated with it. The FAC-SupFAC-Regt TACP-FACI progression was not considered in lieu. Rather disappointing, I'd say.
  4. sorry if its off topic abit but do the household cavalry have career specilisations? Like after doing general duties in the foot guards you can be a medic or vehicle mechanic. Does this apply to the life guards aswell?
  5. Sorry if I'm being a bit thick here but what is FAC? During my time FAC was Forward Air Controller - is it still the same?
  6. Yep spot on, though Paveway3 will be able to tell you more about the latest kit and techniques!
  7. Yes mate FAC is a forward air controller.RAC recce regiments have them as well as TACP's and the SF.
  8. Thanks for clearing that one up lads; having been out of the green job for 14 years there are always new acronyms cropping up but on this occasion the status quo is maintained!
  9. Not heard of JTACs then?
  10. No but Joint Tactical Air Controllers would seem to fit - how close am I?
  11. I think you're bang on - to be honest I never got round to asking - but that was the term for the blokes who called the air in down in the 'Stan.

    On one of the Ops down in Garmsir when 3 Cdo were there, one of the JTACs got chatted up mid-Op by a yank (female I hasten to add) F-15 the story goes the conversation went something like this..

    JTAC C/S - "hello air C/S this is JTAC C/S over".

    Air C/S - "Air C/S, Wow JTAC C/S you sound hot over".
  12. Thanks CIM you came to my rescue JIT, been looking for that one everywhere! :x
  13. No self respecting FAC/JTAC uses such VP as ''over'' .Its dude,bingo winchester,tally etc etc but never over.
  14. Totally agree PW3
    Obviously a "BINGO" whistler!!