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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by BTDT, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. Anyone watch Foyle's War 24 March? Joe Duttine played a RA Sgt at the end of WWII. I know that berets of that era were often much bigger than those worn today, but this seems pretty monster. And isn't that an officer cap badge? I won't go into unpressed bd etc etc (after all, it's only a story).

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  2. Plus the war has ended , so how come he has no campaign medals ?
  3. He had his gaiters on wrong way round as well.Pedantic,Moi?
  4. An even bigger WTF was the Routemaster bus. First prototype wasn't built until 1954.
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  5. I too am outraged about the bus .

    This RT8 is available :

  6. I saw the delightful Honeysuckle Weeks a few months back in Dublin when she was filming this episode of the new series of Foyle's War.....and no I didn't
    ('twas in Tescos at the time - no excuse I know).

    It's ironic that when the producers wanted a location that resembled bombed-out, postwar, austerity London c.1946, they chose Dublin in 2012/13.

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  7. After seeing the bus and boring MrsDriver for twenty minutes I was waiting for a Bedford RL to turn. Sadly, it didn't
  8. The headgear is a utility-style beret widely worn, and hated, from the middle of the war onwards. Other than that, shit-order prop uniform - as noted wrong cap badge and no medals, plus no RA arm badges. Apparently posted to Eastern Command but happily wandering around London - as were the loonies in the 'secret' establishment, which looked more like a jam factory....

    As for the bus!
  9. That item of headgear isn't actually a beret but The General service cap which contemporary photos show was somewhat larger than the later issue berets. The same headgear is shown being worn in the film a bridge too far by the British truck drivers delivering boats to the 82nd Airborne for their river crossing.
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  10. I think the proper nomenclature is, caps, ridiculous.

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  11. Cold_Collation

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    Foyle's War is shocking in terms of uniforms, etc. There was an episode awhiles back in which some bloke (I hesitate to call him an actor) was playing an officer - in a uniform that looked like it had just been plucked uncleaned or ironed from a sack. Totally unrealistic given the standards of the time, especially given that this was supposed to have been post-War and away from anywhere dangerous. It spoils things.
  12. As they did when filming Ripper Street for the BBC, set in 1889!
  13. So he has. You must have eyes like a hawk!

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  14. Also meant to have been Jap PoW looked rather well fed and in good health to me.
    Didn't miss weeks look a little on the hazard side, as if she isn't aging well.
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  15. Stuck out like a bulldog's bollocks.No medals? I call Cold War Warrior Walt.