Foxy Knoxy The Verdict Due Soon

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by simroy, Oct 3, 2011.

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  1. What do we think guys?

    Guilty or not? Is it a flight home to the states, followed by the book, film, TV mini series of her shameful imprisonment by those naughty Italians, or 20 more years of rug munching and being the prison bitch?
  2. I hope she get set free, then she might get her tits out and I can post a pic of them on the holy grail of celebrity tits thread on ARRSE.
  3. It is a bit all or nothing isn't it, what you might call having a big day.
  4. Personally I thought the lass she murdered was cuter.
  5. Well she has had 4 years of "pass the soap oh dear I have appeared to have dropped it and where has this large cucumber appeared from"? pity she has not taken some snaps of her time in prison (for purely academic reasons of course) for her forthcoming book,film, tv deal, lads mag spread etc.
  6. She's been cleared according to sky news
  7. I suppose that rich parents had nothing to do with it. The Italian justice system being snow white and all.
  8. She's been cleared as has the lad too.

    Local crowd not happy.

    She'll be lucky to not get lynched.

    Anti US feeling outside the court. Crowd chanting "shame".

    Sure the BBC anchorman said it's happening in Fallujah.

    Might be like that. Some dead Yanks....
  9. Maybe it had to do with the Italians admitting her rights were violated and the incredibly bad DNA handling of the prosecution.

    Nah, has to be rich yanks, right?
  10. Bollocks, could have sworn I got there first. Anyway she's going to be at liberty now, might be in with a chance.
  11. Loving the Italians booing and hurling abuse at the yanker reporters on site on hearing the verdict... Still the Italian accent is reet hot on them dark haired Italian chicks, grrrrrr.
  12. Locals NOT HAPPY
  13. Fuck them. If the Italian Plod had'nt screwed up the DNA evidence, Knox might still be in jail.
  14. In all likelihood she probably did do it, but the Italians screwed up the investigation so they've quite rightly been released.
  15. I'd like to offer my services to Knoxy as her first taste of real throbbing member in four years, obviously I wont fall asleep or spend the night, don't want to tempt fate.
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