Foxhound LPPV

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by UORMan, Dec 20, 2011.

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  1. Well surprise, surprise, with only 2 days before the Christmas shut-down and still no sign of the 36 Foxhound's that were to be delivered this year.

    I thought DE&S were getting smarter. yeh right.
  2. If they've not been delivered, it might be an issue with the contractor rather than DE&S.

    Not that its going to make much difference - they'd only sit in shed over Christmas while everyone gets pissed.
  3. If DE&S had got the right contractor, maybe it would be delivered. As the purchase, and spender of my money, they should be overseeing the contractor and making them deliver. I bet there are no finacial penalities imposed for late delivery.

    Its just another nail in the coffin of DE&S and the sooner it becomes a GOCO the better.
  4. So which contractor should they have chosen?

    One which would have delivered a month earlier, but failed to meet the protection requirments.
  5. One with a track record of building vehicles, and no not BAe.

    The whole programme has been doomed from the start. As for meeting the requirements, well if you think they have all been met, then you definatley know something that I don't.
  6. Cheers! To the Pub!!!
  7. Seeing as you're in Bristol why don't you sort it out instead of whingeing about it?
  8. If only I could, but as there are only 26 parking spaces in ABW for contracotrs, it is not that easy to get in.

    Beside whose's whingeing, I am merely stating facts. Foxhound is LATE.

    Will it be reported in the next addition of DESider, I doubt it. In the world of Abbeywood, all is milk and honey, and on time and on budget.
  9. 200 of them for a total of £180 million . . . . . :|


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  10. The contractors that got it do have a track record of building vehicles - many of which are being used right now in Afghanistan: Force Protection (Mastiff, Ridgback, Wolfhound) and Ricardo (WMIK, Vixen etc).

    I would ask again, which contractor should it have been awarded to?

    I don't think any project ever meets all of its requirements. The main question is whether it meets its KURs - i.e. does it do what it said on the tin by fulfilling the need expressed by the Army? In this case, I would say categorically, yes.

    Providing Mastiff-levels of blast protection on something not much bigger than a Snatch was always going to be a challenge, and none of the bidding contractors had an off-the-shelf product that could do the job. Therefore to go from drawing board to production in around 2 years is a pretty good effort as far as I can see, and I applaud anything that might result in few less bodybags in both Afghanistan and any other shithole we get involved with in the future.
  11. UORMan, are you Lewis Page?
  12. Gassing Badgers, the contractor you quote is not actually correct.

    Mastiff etc, were based on vehicles build by Force Protection and then re-worked by NP Aerospace in Coventry. The Mastiff that comes out of NP is totaly differnt to the 'Cougar' that goes in.

    It is Force Protection Europe that is doing Foxhound, and they are not the same as FP.

    And in response to yeoman, no I am not Lewis Page.
  13. The difference between Mastiff and Cougar is mainly cosmetic - external armour, electronics etc. The parts that determine reliability - i.e. hull, drivetrain running gear - are all as supplied by FPII.

    FPE are a farily recent invention in order to ensure the vehicle is ITAR-free (i.e. we can do what we want with it, without Uncle Sam's persmission), and although they are responsible for the management of the contract, most of the design work lies with the existing contractors above.

    You still haven't suggested who should have got the contract for LPPV..?
  14. You could infer that he likes NP and, by extension, postman pat's van.

    Of course, there are the other niche manufacturers like Timoney and Universal Engineering. There are a couple of others who were kept out of the LPPV competition but I can't think who they were right now.
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  15. I mentioned it on another thread today but will say again as this seems more relevent.

    The FOXOUND EMA took place 2 weeks ago at my unit and along with FP, DE&S staff, 3 of my VMs had the opportunity to crawl over it for the whole week. They were very much impressed with it as was I.

    I would rather it was late but ready for deployment than rushed and shite like other projects so for me, I feel that DE&S are doing it right this time. I'll reap what I so too as I'll no doubt be part of the in theatre implementation during H16
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